Want some good advice? In the words of my friend Marshall Sylver, "Find your life perfect, and deal with what emerges."

Yes, folks, find your life perfect. Nothing is against you, there are no problems, everything is perfect. Now, how are you going to feel in a perfect world? Here's the whole story—people say "Wait, wait, wait, my life is not perfect!"

Are you kidding me? Are you going to say that God—or the Gods, depending on your belief system—made a mistake? Are you going to say that the creators of this universe created an imperfect world?

Not to mention the fact that the world has already existed for millions and billions of years, and even if that little snotty race called humans destroys their own planet—and every single one of us alive has experienced that thought or that fear—even if they do that to their planet, that's not going to affect the world at large, the Cosmos at large, now is it?

Destruction is part of the process, so accepting that the world is perfect is pretty easy to do. Now, of course, it may not always go as you would choose—that's what we're talking about! Accept the world as perfect and deal with what emerges.

Just deal with it, just handle it. For example, Weik & Browning. You've seen me write about this before, and you'll see me write about it again. On page 175 of The NEW Think and Grow Rich they say, "How do you design an interpretation system that motivates people? Answer: Help people frame the world as a series of opportunities rather than as a series of threats. “

There are no threats out there. The world just is—the world moves. Opportunities. Enjoyable challenge. Hey, the moment that you realize that your world is perfect, you're fine. So many people want to argue for the imperfect world paralysis—forget it, forget them!

Let them enjoy their status. You are way too advanced for that.

The moment you recognize that the world is perfect because it's been created perfectly and has been operating perfectly, and all the things that happen in this world are perfect—that gives you an extreme flexibility, an extreme insight, an extreme opportunity.

So when you don't get something that you want one way, well, you just rely on one of the other laws of the universe, the Law of Cause and Effect, realizing that the cause that you input was not adequate for the effect that you wanted. Or maybe it requires time—you catch my drift? You're going for it!

Find the world perfect, and deal with what emerges.

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