Are you looking for your purpose and feel stuck? Have your tried the law of attraction and keep attracting what you don't want? Empower Yourself with these quick and easy to apply secrets to find your purpose.

1. Set aside time in your day in the morning and evening to still your mind. If you allow you mind to be on auto-pilot--you will continue to create the same results, over and over.

2. Good tools to quiet your mind are yoga, and breath awareness. By being aware of your breath, you bring your mind into the present moment. Practice complete breath by bringing awareness to your lower abdomen, expanding the rib cage, and bringing the breath all the way up to the upper chest. This is great for relaxing your body, mind, and spirit before you fall asleep.

3. Practice doing three things each day that you enjoy. You may have conditioned yourself, to believe that you don't deserve to be happy. Many have conditioned themselves to settle for life the way it shows up. If you continue this habit, you will never break free from the fears that block your life purpose. What do you feel passionate about? Find your passion and find your purpose!

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Annie B Lawrence, Ph.D, is an Empowerment Coach Expert with more than twenty years experience. She is the owner of Retreat and Heal LLC located in Sedona, Arizona, offering year round retreats and healing day packages. Annie is also a co-author in 101 Ways to Improve Your Health and author of the award winning Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love. Find her at