Every so often you have an experience that changes your life and turns you in a direction that you never saw coming before. Channeling has done that for me. Twice. My first experience with channeling was over 20 years ago when I accompanied my friend Annie to the house of a channeler. I knew nothing about it, except what my limited and skeptical mind told me: “This is whacko.”

I got to the home of Paul Michael Davies, the person who channeled “Plautus” all the while picturing someone who would look like a nebbish with Birkenstocks, glasses, mousey brown hair and a sunken solar plexus. Really. As soon as the door opened, Paul Davies was standing there, a beautiful older man with golden hair, a big heart, and a very handsome face, and I felt a huge WHACK in my heart. (So I guess he was whacko after all!) It was love at first sight for me. He was over 20 years older than I was, but I didn’t care. I was mesmerized. We went in, and he began the channeling session, which was a question/answer format with about 10 clients there, scattered around on the floor and in various chairs.

I didn’t feel a part of the group, was full of judgment and separateness, but I asked my question and was blown away by the answer. I was impatient with the channeling, because I wanted to know who the enigmatic man with his eyes closed was, and this character “Plautus” was in my way of seeing him. I didn’t understand that one of the reasons I was drawn to Paul was because of Plautus. I was very shy afterwards, but told my friend how I felt, and she in turn told her friend, who eventually told Paul. We ended up having a relationship that for me was life altering, and I will always be grateful to my angel, Paul Davies, who has since passed away. He showed me the new age of my life, which was that of the unseen, the possible, the healing, the knowing and the love that I’d never found elsewhere.

Many years later, I went to a very small healing faire and sat with a channeler who told me things that other psychics and healers have since been telling me. I was reunited with my love of the intuitive world, and a day later I began channeling myself! I met “Malcolm”, my guide, and I spent the next week or two talking mostly every night with my friend Connie who also channeled, excitedly exploring this new, wonderful facet of my life. It was her guide Orion that suggested that I move forward in this direction. I’d been “knowing” that my new direction in career was headed for healing, but I resisted it mightily, until this came to pass.

Since the time that I began channeling, I have helped many people in their lives, have created The Diamond Light Spirit Expo, which is a higher octave of the sweet little healing faire I attended, and have become a teacher of the arts of psychic development and channeling. I have also painted an entire collection of art, which went up in a café near my home in an art show, because I, like many others, experience that channeling enhances my creative side, which is such a great benefit.

What channeling does is bring you into contact with your guide or guides or your higher self, for the purpose of being able to interpret and translate the energetic information that is being transmitted to you, the channeler. It is easier than it sounds, and it is so rewarding, both personally and energetically, as well as being the meaningful work I’d always been looking for.

I feel connected, warm and on purpose since learning to channel, and I love that I now feel part of the world, instead of being just another anonymous person moving unconsciously in the human soup. I can do readings for myself as well as for others, and I so appreciate the guidance that is given often and freely.
I invite you to discover channeling as a way to “Find Your Own Answers”, if you are so drawn. You will never regret making the connection with your guide or higher self!

I would love to do a reading for you! Please go to my website at
http://www.malcolmschannel.com for more information. You can also email me at hollymae@malcolmschannel.com for an appointment, or to schedule a class.

Author's Bio: 

Holly Mae Howard is a psychic channeler who works with three guides: Malcolm, Ingira and Moonstar. She has been working as an empath for over 20 years, and began working as a psychic channeler in 2007. Holly can be reached at malcolmschannel.com.

Holly studied psychic development with Echo Bodine, a gifted psychic and teacher in Minneapolis, and was influenced greatly by the late Paul Michael Davies, who channeled Plautus for many years. Paul was the premier psychic of Minneapolis, Minnesota in his time.

Holly’s former background was in corporate recruitment, which gave her ease in working with all types of personalities.
After attending a psychic gathering in 2007, and receiving a channeled reading, Holly attempted channeling herself, which is where she met Malcolm, her first of three guides. Malcolm is a wise, compassionate spirit with an interest in information, and especially in health and nutrition. In most readings, whether he is the guide who is speaking for the duration or not, Malcolm will give the client a health scan and recommended food list, as well as a list of foods to avoid.

Ingira does most of the readings lately. She is a very loving guide who calls people up to their highest potential.
Moonstar is a very powerful guide and selects her meetings infrequently. She is deep and insightful and has a message that resonates deeply with the clients she works with.

Holly’s mission is to empower people to make life decisions in their highest interests, as well as to inspire the creative passion in others. Holly is also an artist who discovered her talent for painting, and has produced many beautiful works of art, which she showcases on her website: chezmaecafe.com.