What is love, Really? We all want it, we all "need" it, and its actually outside of our control.
We can not make someone love us, nor can we make ourselves love someone else. In the same respect
we often cannot make ourselves stop loving someone.

Love Happens, or it doesn't...
The question can be asked "How can something so important in our lives be so BEYOND our control?"

Now here comes the trouble..
Because we need love, we allow ourselves to be fooled by limitations..

Heres a few scenarios..
I have a good, important, financially healthy job, I'm beautiful/handsome People admire me... Thats sort of love right?? Wrong!

I have sexual relationships, I have their attention, I give and I receive pleasure.. thats sort of love?..nope sorry!

Now.. lets look at self love a little..
I buy myself wonderful things, I diet I exercise I really take care of myself.

If I over eat, smoke , drink I'm comforted, so that is like love...

But none of this is love!! and it doesn't make that need go away.

Love true blissful love cannot be faked. However because of our needs and desires for this love we deny that.

We separate ourselves from others, we tell ourselves that we are inferior or superior, it doesn't matter which because we are only alibiing ourselves anyway. Its a common excuse for avoiding the true problem of love, as though love could just go away without taking part of us with it.

When we are heart broken we tell ourselves we don't need anyone, but our hearts tremble as we say it, We eat drink waste numerous hours making ourself less aware of our needs and wants for love..
Some throw themselves into their career, but this only makes us grow cold.

Denying our wants for love only makes us less able to allow for love in our lives.. we cannot forget love, why? Because we need love but too often we try to force it, we smile when we don't want to.. we say I love you when we don't really feel it..We have sex hoping that we can fool our hearts into falling in love..

Love cannot be Forced to happen , it cannot be faked.

Ok, so How does knowing this help?

Quiet simply.. by Learning the imitations of love.. these imitations distract us from finding true happiness. We tell ourselves that our heart knows different, but these imitations distract us from the real problems. And as long as we accept imitations we will never find the real thing.

So ask yourself.. What are you really looking for.. Who do you really feel close too.. Is your partner really on the same wavelength? Are you spinning in circles? Sometimes we have to look deep, deeper than we may want too, to find those answers.

Are you ready to get started?


Author's Bio: 

Ms. Laura has been helping in the area of love and relationships for over 15 years, through her degrees in psychology, her intuitive gifts she can help you find your path in live and in love.

www.psychictarotlive.com (private site)
www.kasamba.com/ms-laura (Virtual office)