You were born a divine child of the Universe that has never changed no matter what the years have brought your way

You have held the world and all it’s abundance in your hands from the day you were born

But somewhere along the way you may have let go of your dreams
You were born to leave an imprint on this Earth
Your footsteps are just as important as any one else’s
Never step away from your greatness
You were not alone when you came into world
And you will never be alone the light of the Divine shines upon you always
The world may seem very big right now
But your place on it was reserved even before you were born
A hand reached out to bring you into this world If it is offered again never be to proud to take it
You were born to stand proud and tall
No matter what the seasons bring if you stand in your greatness you will not fall
You are a unique one of a kind miracle
You will never feel comfortable in someone else’s shoes
It is never to late to step into your greatness
Within you is a light of hope and strength
You were born to shine

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