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Who can blame them? International visitors to the United States are discovering the virtues of choosing Fire Island, NY as their vacation destination of choice.

Nestled between the fabulous warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean and The Great South Bay at Long Island, NY, Fire Island and its magnificent white sand beaches offer a unique vacation experience available at no other place in the US within a short distance of New York City.

It is no wonder that under these circumstances International Vacationers are swarming to Fire Island, NY like bees to a pot of golden honey. It provides them with an opportunity to experience a one-of-its-kind opportunity for leisure activity and relaxation that tops any other place in the greater New York metropolitan area. Fire Island, NY has become the new International Destination for world travelers who know what they want and can afford the very best.

Today Fire Island Homes offers uncommon values combined with the distinctive look of quality that International visitors are looking for and there is a wide selection to choose from, but you have to know the particular community you are searching for a home in before you can hope to acquire the vacation home of your dreams.

It helps to have a qualified real estate agent representing your interests. Someone who knows what you are looking for and can personally aid you in making the right decision: someone who is familiar with tax consequences and exchange rates who can help you maximize the potential of your investment.

It isn’t often that prospective buyers get the opportunity to take advantage of favorable exchange rates to purchase a prime property in what is quickly becoming the in place to be. It isn’t often that a select group of properties are made available to International buyers, but this is the opportunity that is presently available to those in the know.

In the current economic environment Fire Island offers the ultimate in affordable prime vacation property. It offers the laid back, leisure style that long-term residents of Fire Island have come to expect and enjoy. It offers you the chance to acquire the very best in a vacation home property.

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