We are obsessed with fitness. We pay attention to our waistlines. We get liposuction. We get breast implants. We buy special cosmetic products. We tighten our skin, harden our bodies, increase our cardiovascular endurance and increase our lung capacities. We try to keep ourselves fit. What about our spiritual fitness? There is no supplement for seeking the goodness that is within us. The path is taken when you are on it. My personal experience with the fitness obsession started the minute I lost control of my inner self. I wanted to please the world I thought people were expecting me to be at a top level all the time but in reality it was not so; if they loved me then they love me now, they don’t need to see me in a super shape, I just have to be me, love myself and love them, be in balance, that’s all it takes. Love is the door to your spiritual, mental and physical fitness. I went from Rickets to a Mr. Universe lifestyle and from obsession to manifestation. Manifestation of self realization; we all are a gift. This doesn't change, regardless of whether you get outside validation or not. Assume the possibility that everybody's signed up in advance for the roles they play right now, with the cooperation of everyone being affected by those roles. Self-judgment and guilt will no longer have anyplace to stick. The dance that we do is one that encourages us to remember and directly connect with the source of all life here in this universe.

Author's Bio: 

Nordine Z (Zouareg) is an internationally acclaimed fitness coach, author and speaker with almost three decades of experience in the health and fitness field and impressive collection of international titles, awards and recognitions.
Nordine own personal history is an inspirational one –and the basis for his teachings. Born a sickly child in the back of a truck with little hope of living to adulthood, Nordine used mental and spiritual exercises to overcome his body’s limitations, ultimately becoming a champion bodybuilder and earning the titles of Mr. France, Mr. Europe, Mr. World and Mr. Universe, all by the age of 23, making him the youngest athlete to win a Mr. universe title after the famous Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Today he shares his unique mental and fitness secrets with celebrities, business magnates, and soccer moms around the world.