1. Know what you Want
- Get Clear. Most people don't know how to do this well, but we all know the things we "Don't want" - so, start there. You might actually want to write down your complaints. Just don't dwell on them. You're going to use them for step 2.

2. Turn around your complaints
into clear statements of what you do want. Many call this setting your intention. Once you fully recognize what it is you want, your body and mind will begin to respond and the actions to take to draw it to you will become obvious.

3. Find out the beliefs
you may have that are preventing what you want from happening. You may need the help of a coach or a friend who understands how to ask the right questions. (I have a great friend like that!) This step is the real 'Secret' behind the Law of Attraction. We get what we believe and usually those beliefs are unconscious. So, the more conscious you become, the quicker you can change them.

4. Feel your way into experience.
If you can feel the end result of what you want to attract, you will accelerate the process of bringing it into his life. It is at the feeling level that all manifestation actually begins. What would it feel like if your intention were already fulfilled? Go back, if you need to, to a time when that feeling was already present. Feel it now.

5. Surrender to your good.
You do that in two ways. First, by letting go of any attachment, need or feeling of desperation about what it is you want. Once you relax, you will start to hear your inner voice as it guides you to the actions to be taken. It is ultimately through action that our intentions are manifested. Honor those divine nudges.

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From Dr. Toni LaMotta, Midlife Reinvention Specialist, Best-Selling Winning, International Keynote Speaker