Danica Patrick’s first racing season was in 2005 at
Homestead-Miami. That year, she became the first woman to
lead the Indy 500 for 19 laps and finished the race in
fourth place. It was the best finish by a woman at Indy,
and she took Rookie of the Year honors.

On April 20th, 2008, the twenty-six year old Patrick made
history again by becoming the first woman to WIN an Indy
race with a victory in the Indy 300 at Twin Ring Motegi,

In a sport where races are won and lost by fractions of a
second, here are a few keys to being a winner at Indy and a
winner in in life.

1. You can be the greatest driver in the world but you
need a great team around you to win. Patrcick’s team
members each have a specific job to do and they practice,
practice, practice to master it. The mechanics who
assemble the car, the pit crew, the technicians who monitor
the stats and gauges and so on. Every single individual on
the team makes a critical contribution to the results of
every race.

2. You must believe in yourself. When asked if she doubted
she could win a race, she said, “No doubt, just a matter of
when.” If you believe winning is inevitable, then it will
be for you.

3. Learn how to deal with your critics. Patrick says, “I
expect people to think that I can’t drive still because I’m
different,” she said. “I’m in a boys sport, so you get the
good old boys and people that aren’t open to change. You
get people that don’t want to embrace it. As far as being a
woman, my car doesn’t know the difference.”

4. Never say never. Patrick is clear about keeping her
options open, saying, “I’ve learned too well over the last
six to eight years, you can’t say anything is a never.
Saying never is a very strong word, and if you say that
word, it really lives. You have to go where you feel you
have the best chance to win and the most opportunities and
where you feel your heart is.” This same spirit that
allowed her to leave the comfort of her home in the USA and
move to England as a teenager in order to give herself every
opportunity to become a leader in the sport.

5. You must maintain your focus. In a race where you’re
driving 220 miles per hour, a single mental error can
result in a catastrophic crash or injury, wiping out
thousands of hours of work and millions of dollars
invested. Determine your critical areas that demand the
greatest focus and master those areas. In the race Patrick
won, one of the main factors was fuel. Seven of her
competitors ran out of gas, thus allowing her to pass the
leader when he struggled with fuel issues, thus ensuring
her victory.

Every Goal has specific elements that are more crucial than
others. Identify the areas that are most critical.

Focus on those.

Invest your time and energy in the areas that will make the
greatest difference.

Think of one Goal you are working on.

In what components of this Goal must you pay precise
attention to in order to succeed in it’s advancement or

Live Your Dreams

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