Have you ever known 100% without a doubt that you were right only to be “inflicted” with a different outcome that left you dumbfounded? Or maybe you are still holding on to the “I AM RIGHT” theory, believing your way will come to fruition soon.

Expecting specific outcomes in our day to day life can drain us of vital energy. The conflicts our expectations can create can lead to poor health and “underdeveloped” relationships – (with this side and the other side.) This is not to say that we will never know when we are “right” about the events in our life. It’s about learning to know when our ego is talking instead of our intuition. Learning the difference and surrendering to intuition will add a dimension of trust, peace and acceptance regardless of who is right.

Anticipating vs. Expecting

The concept of anticipating vs. expecting can be a simple shift in understanding that will help make a world of difference in recognizing when your ego is guiding you instead of your intuition. Anticipating puts an optimistic spin on the things we do. Imagine taking every thought you have, generating a desire and surrendering it to whatever outcome. Practicing the art of anticipating instead of expecting can help you surrender the outcome completely.

Here is a short visualization that can help you to “check your expectations at the door” with practice, practice, practice.

"Visualize yourself sitting on a park bench under a flowering shade tree. You notice a beautiful butterfly fluttering around you. There are actually several butterflies all around you. Before you know it one of the butterflies comes to rest on the bridge of your nose directly between your eyes. As you feel the tickle of his feet on your nose you greet him with, “Well, hello there.” You hear him whisper; “I am here to take your desires to places unknown. Please give me all your thoughts and desires about _______, and trust me as I travel with them carefree to a harmonious destination.” Within seconds the butterfly lifts up off your nose and begins to flutter about again. He is happy. He is light. He is touched joyfully by the breeze that carries him away. You continue to watch and notice all the butterflies and their dance of joy. You are at peace with wherever the butterfly may go because you recognize the power in letting go."

The more we allow ourselves to relax about the outcome of our day to day activities the more connected we become with our center, thus creating a balance within ourselves and opening doors to better communication with loved ones, co-workers, and our Spirit Guides on the other side.

Make it a sweet day,
Debbie Fletcher

Author's Bio: 

Debbie stepped into the world of the metaphysics and parapsychology "officially" in October 2004. Debbie's ability to receive claircognizant and clairsentient messages helps guide her to teach and assist adults, corporate executives, technical professionals, and friends and neighbors in a variety of settings. First as an IT professional for over twenty years, her reputation developed as being the "calm voice of non-judgmental reason" that led many professionals to seek out her counsel and advice for both business and personal answers. Her work continued as a holistic healer in the early 90's where she was nick-named "The Doctor" by fellow massage therapists. Today if you find yourself dining in a Dallas area restaurant, standing in a check-out line or attending a social gathering with Debbie, you may just find yourself witnessing the amazing connection she has developed with Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Loved Ones crossed over and even animals who guide her to speak with those around her. Now through innovative private sessions and readings, workshops and development circles, Debbie is committed to helping others understand, develop, and incorporate their own intuitive skills in their day-to-day personal and professional lives.

You can find out more about Debbie and the services she provides by visiting her website - www.debbiefletcher.com or sending an email to debbie@debbiefletcher.com