While returning to the trailhead after an exhilarating hike and stimulating conversation with a good friend, I realized that it was later in the day than I had thought. As I had plans for the evening, I stepped up my pace considerably and started downhill in a faster clip than felt comfortable. My focus shifted to other things rather than where I was stepping and before I knew it, I was on the ground checking the body for broken bones. All seemed to be in tact with the exception of a rather bloody and dirt imbedded wound covering nearly seven inches of my inner forearm. With the aid of proper care and attention, the body healed itself, leaving behind only a subtle scar, which to this day, serves as a reminder to slow down and concentrate. What is yours?

Life Change Lesson:

To focus is to be centered or single-minded in purpose. To give full attention to something is to dial in – such as with a laser beam. Classical music lovers throughout the world paid tribute to the birth of Mozart in appreciation for his genius in having accomplished 68 completed symphonies in his lifetime, of which seventeen were for the piano. Imagine the focus required of Mozart to not only compose the compositions but also to study intensely, diligently and passionately enough to perform these great works. Incredible, to say the least!

Okay that was Mozart, let’s talk about average folks and a normal life like you and I. Focus is required in life if we are to achieve any degree of skill or degree of achievement.

Placing of contact lenses in our eyes requires full and present attention in order for that little piece of plastic to float perfectly on the cornea.

A seamstress must concentrate while sewing a straight seam, or cutting out a pattern for a jacket.

The mantra engrained in the mind of the tennis player is, “watch the ball.”

Pouring cement, studying for an exam, writing up a contract, learning to swim, designing a widget—whatever activity—your utmost concentration is required. The mission to send an email will be quickly aborted if a comma is used instead of a period. The desire to reach a specific person will fail if just one number is incorrect. And speaking of phones, have you seen the latest bumper sticker? It reads, “Hang Up and Drive.”

As a final illustration; to bring your attention to your breath, and keep it there for the purpose of meditation, is an act of self-discipline that will bring you rewards beyond your expectation. “The Empowering Crystal Cave,” which is one of the four meditation tracks on my Magical Meditation CD, invites you to focus your attention and absorb the energy of nature.

It is my encouragement for you to probe, discover and release those patterns unaligned with your highest good. No doubt you’ve been paving the way for your body to be a channel of love, light, kindness, truth and harmony. So now as you welcome the close of July, you are now more fully prepared to embrace the forthcoming lessons that will support you to focus on your dreams, your purpose, and your inner beauty.

Maintaining a stronger focus will strengthen, empower and assist you in remembering your true identity and declaring your birthright of unconditional love. Let the turning of the calendar page be a symbolic act of your commitment to a lifelong state of grace. (Send a unique gift of love to a friend – send the link to the attitude doc www.theaattitudedoc.)

Affirmation for the day: Today, I aspire to focus forward while being present in each moment feeling the fullness of life, which supports me in manifesting the desired dreams and goals.

Author's Bio: 

Alexandra is President of ABC Feelings and The Attitude Doc.com, which are organizations she founded to encourage communication of feelings. In addition, she is a transpersonal psychologist in Sun Valley, ID and adjunct faculty at Boise State University. VicToria Freudiger, is an associate at ABC Feelings where she works in marketing, sales and management for Dr. Abrams. She is also founder and publisher for Entry Way Marketing and Publishing http://www.entrywaymarketing.com and resides in Texas. Author can be reached at 800.745.3170, ABC Feelings, Inc., http://www.abcfeelings.com Copyright July 2007.