Many of us experience anger. Some people can let it go after a short time, and some people may hold onto for a long time. I see anger as an invisible black line that you send to the person you are angry with, and sometimes, and if you are both angry with each other, that black invisible line is sent back, keeping both people linked together in an endless black circle, until it is broken. What are the steps you can take to break that link, and what happens when you do? First let’s discuss what anger is.

Anger attracts more anger. When you are angry, you will attract more angry situations in your life. Darkness seeks darkness. Anger is one of the most damaging emotions to the physical body. Anger hurts your heart spiritually and physically, and closes it off from being able to experience love in other areas of your life. It can eventually over a period of time lead to a physical illness.

Feel It

Are you allowed to be angry? Yes. Be angry, express your feelings, write them down, and then rip up the paper and throw it away. Say the words out loud to yourself, WITHOUT personally attacking the other person.
Give yourself a certain amount of time that you will allow yourself to be angry. Try to understand your situation, realize that this person that you are angry with on this earth plane may be here to help you learn a valuable lesson in life. Knowing that you may be learning a lesson, will help towards acceptance. You may then begin to ask yourself, what is my lesson? Are you so angry that you cannot forgive this person? If you answered yes, then it could be a lesson in forgiveness. Are you so angry that you can not feel any compassion towards this person? You may need to be more compassionate towards someone who may be worst off than you emotionally or spiritually.

Let It Go

Once you have expressed yourself, you must now learn how to LET IT GO. Letting go of anger can be done in a couple of ways. One way is to forgive yourself for being angry. Tell yourself “I forgive myself for being angry” every time you feel guilty about having such an emotion.

Try sitting quietly by yourself, breath in 3 deep breaths. Relax. Put a loving, healing white light around yourself, by repeating, “White Light of the Highest Order under the Protection of Archangel Michael” say this three times while picturing the white light swirling around your body starting from your feet and moving up towards your head in a counter-clockwise motion. Once you have brought in the loving light of the Universe, you can then send this white light on to the person you are connected to in anger to help break the invisible black line that binds you together. It is especially hard to do when you are angry, but that is when it works the best. Now picture that person in your mind, then send them the same white light and the same verse “White Light of the Highest Order under the Protection of Archangel Michael” do that while putting the white light around them starting at their feet, swirling up around them up through the top of their heads in a counter-clockwise motion.

You may begin to feel the release, a peacefulness with surround you. The other person may disappear from your life, or you can turn it around so that you may begin to be together again in a more meaningful way. Do this even when everything in your body and mind is telling you that the other person does not deserve to be forgiven. Because in the end, it is all being done to help YOU! Releasing you from the invisible dark line that binds you to this other person. If you can get to the point where you can do this WHILE you are arguing, you may be amazed to see how the other person may stop arguing mid-sentence, or the argument may stop as soon as it starts.

You should do it because you are trying to be a better person. Because the other person may be worse off than yourself, and not know how to forgive and love. Maybe nobody taught them. Maybe they were unloved, had unknown hateful things said to them as a child. They have grown up angry and confused and wanting to take it out on someone and that someone just happens to be you.

Repeat the following line every time the issue of anger towards another person comes up in you, even if you don’t believe it, sooner or later it may actually happen “I forgive (name) for what they have done”. Make a conscious decision that you will forgive them. By continuing to send out this positive affirmation you may come to the day where it happens, that today is the day, and you release the anger. You may even be able to thank them silently for the lesson. Peace will pervade you, you silently realized what it is all about, and you finally get IT. Love and Forgiveness.

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Be Well

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