Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition, Life Coaching and Psychology Professionals Now Have a Tool That Works to Help Clients Master their Psychological Association with Eating

Why is it that people “generally” know what’s good and bad for them to eat, and still, America is over 65% obese? The answer is simple, it’s more than just what we eat; it’s who we are as eaters. It’s about our associations, thoughts, beliefs and rituals that surround the process of eating – this is what makes us lean, happy and healthy or fat, sad and diseased. The good news is that there is a solution. Welcome to the world of Food Psychology Coaching.

Medical science has finally recognized the important role of diet in optimal health and disease prevention. Yet something is missing. Obesity, overeating, pain around body image, emotional challenges with food, digestive ailments, fatigue and nutrition-linked metabolic disorders are with us more than ever. Clearly, our collective approach to nutritional health and happiness isn't working. It's time for a new way of seeing things.

Have you ever felt that there is more to nutrition and health than merely telling people what to eat and what not to eat? Have you ever “hit a wall” in your practice - in your effectiveness with helping clients in a meaningful way? Or have you ever had the desire to simply go deeper with your clients, but didn't know how?

Many nutrition and health practitioners have come to realize this: there's a big gap in their professional training. They know about food and nutrition, but not about facilitating personal and emotional well-being. They haven't been taught the reality of working with clients.

Challenges around health, weight, food, or metabolism are not just about formulating the right combination of nutrients and fixing faulty chemistry. To truly facilitate a health transformation we must also address the life lessons that are calling for attention through the symptoms our clients are facing. Indeed, the wisdom of life speaks to us through the body. This understanding is so often the missing ingredient in transforming health, weight problems, compulsive eating and body image distortions.

Approaching your clients with this perspective allows your work to become more authentic and real. You can then facilitate higher quality results, find a deeper level of joy in your work, and feel more engaged and alive in your practice. What's more, you'll reach a new level of “client attraction” – drawing to yourself the kinds of clients who are searching for the very experience you offer.

Unfortunately though, most practitioners are caught in the holding pattern of trying to "do" more for their clients - more action steps, more motivation, more tips - instead of learning how to facilitate their client's inner healing and transformation.

By stepping into the world of Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind Body Nutrition, you now have the opportunity to reach out to a whole new clientele. You can expand your coaching practice, advance or change your career, serve your existing clients with greater success, and dramatically enhance your own health.
Here are just a few of the Dynamic Eating Psychology highlights you'll learn in the Food Psychology Coaching program offered from the Spencer Institute:

• New, deep and powerful strategies for working with weight loss
• The most successful techniques for healing and transforming body image
• Psychological tools for releasing unwanted food habits
• The unique relationship that women have with food, body, and health
• How psychology influences digestion, immunity, food allergies, and energy level
• The Dynamic Eating Psychology approach to compulsive and over-eating
• The Dynamic Eating Psychology approach to mood and depression
• How our inner world influences thermic efficiency – our ability to calorie-burn
• The hidden connection between food, weight and sexuality
• The influence of culture on nutritional metabolism
• The hidden psychology of dieting
• Working with our Life Story as a means to transform metabolism
• The connection between psychology, spirituality and nutritional health

You can now become a Certified Food Psychology Coach at the Spencer Institute for Life Coach Training. Enroll right now! Online Study!

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John Spencer Ellis
After 20 years of studying physiology, neuro-science, accelerated learning technologies, exercise science, sleep science, radiology, neuro-linguistics, nutrition, longevity medicine, emotional intelligence, environmental science, psychology and education, The Spencer Method emerged!

Each week, over one million people enjoy a wellness and personal development program created by John Spencer Ellis. His programs are implemented in the top resorts, spas and health clubs. John is the CEO of the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA), the Spencer Institute for Life Coaching, and the Get America Fit Foundation. He is the VP of Business Development for, and on the Advisory Boards of the National Health, Wellness and Prevention Congress, Exercise TV, Sleep Number Bed, Medical Wellness Association, Irvine Valley College, Life & Leisure TV and Health Journal Television. He is a Fellow of the National Board of Fitness Examiners, the author of How Badly Do You Want It? - Your Ultimate Guide to Optimal Fitness, The Compass, The Well Couple (2009), and a contributor to Power of Champions and Peak Vitality.

"John is a combination of Tony Robbins & Jack Lalanne" - The New York Post

John is the former Fitness Editor for OC Flair magazine and created Adventure Boot Camp, the largest fitness boot camp system in the world. His TriActive America signature series of outdoor exercise equipment is used worldwide. John has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX, FOX Sports, FOX Reality, SPIKE and ESPN. He is the fitness and lifestyle expert on Bravo's The Real Housewives of Orange County and Daybreak OC (KDOC news). John has also appeared on Starting Over, Life Moments and Camp Reality. He is the executive producer of the documentary The Compass. He hosts The Fit Show, Core 360 Personal Gym infomercial,, The OC Body, The Spencer Power Hour radio show, and the Ms. Fitness U.S.A. and World pageants. He stars in the workout DVDs Playground Boot Camp & Kung-Fu Fitness, created programs used by Cirque du Soleil, the U.S. Secret Service, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard, and consults the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships). John is featured in the movie Riches (2009). He was nominated for induction to the Fitness Hall of Fame.

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John holds two bachelors degrees (business & health science), an MBA, and a doctorate in education. He also completed doctoral level studies in naturopathy. He holds fifteen certifications including massage therapy, plyometrics, self-defense, fitness kick boxing, fitness boxing, nutrition coaching, water fitness, exercise rehabilitation, golf conditioning, Pilates, personal training, clinical hypnotherapy, sports hypnosis, PACE circuit training and yoga. John is a member of the American Sleep Association, National Sleep Foundation, and the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine. He holds a 2nd degree black belt in kung-fu, completed the Ironman triathlon, and finished 5th at the U.S. National Biathlon Championships. His medical training includes a license in radiological technology, a medical assisting certification, and training in McKenzie rehabilitation. He has specialized training in ropes course facilitation and corporate teambuilding. John was nominated for the California Community College Distinguished Alumni Award.