Whether you are a person that has been diagnosed with acid reflux or you are researching it for a friend, we will hopefully be able to clarify some of the questions you might have in regards to the food for acid reflux that you can eat and the foods that you should avoid eating.

Unfortunately, because the world has changed so much, we are always rushing our days, including our meals. It is rare nowadays, that we see a family prepare for a meal and sit down together. The lack of preparation and proper eating habits can take its toll on the human body.

Our inability to respect the needs of our bodies and the lack of listening to our body is among the causes of acid reflux. If we could take the time to actually listen to the body and take heed to the hints we are given, the overall health of the human race.

If we eat healthier it is very likely we can avoid issues with acid reflux. They way we consume the foods we eat as well as the actual foods we eat. There are several foods that you should avoid eating if you suffer from acid reflux. Here are some of the foods that have been associated with acid reflux:

1. Potatoes, usually those that are fried or mashed can bring on a bout with acid reflux.

2. Onions should also be avoided. This includes all form of the onion, fried, raw etc.

3. Tomatoes and tomato based products. Such as tomato sauce, paste ketchup etc.

4. Citrus fruits and juices. Such as oranges, pineapple juice, grapefruit, lemons and cranberries, to name a few.

5. Foods that are acidic should not be consumed if you suffer from acid reflux.

6. Milk products are not a wise choice for a person suffering from acid reflux. This includes ice cream, sour cream and cheese.

7. Beverages also can induce a bout with acid reflux. Consider this, consuming wine, alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea and other caffeinated beverages. It is wise to try and eliminate caffeine from your diet altogether.

8. Chocolate and many other types of desserts should be excluded from your diet.

9. Fried foods and fast foods have been known to set an attack with acid reflux in motion.

When you first begin to change your diet to better suit the needs of acid reflux, you might become slightly overwhelmed. However, foods for acid reflux need to be healthy for you. Slight modifications are necessary for you to avoid another acid reflux flare up.

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