Whos responsibility is it to give you happiness anyway? Your husband’s, your wife’s? Your mother? Your father? Or Your boyfriend or girlfriend? Your son or daughter? Who is responsible for your happiness? Are you absolutely sure you have to depend on others in order to feel happy?

Millions of people blame another person for their frustration. Even if they know better, they still do it unconsciously, because they feel justified. It’s so common to think this way that even our parents, under the excuse of wanting the best for us, judge our mates on their ability to make us happy.

It took me 50 years to discover the solution for freedom and happiness. I am single now and would love to have a romantic partner but I would also love to have a private beach where I could walk naked any time I wished; but that doesn’t means I can not be happy now with all that I’ve accomplished so far. I would be missing out on the present if I didn’t enjoy my great thoughts and manifestation of the now to the max, wouldn’t I?

My Brazilian-Self kicks in when I face a challenge and want to take-on an adventure instead of giving up and believing I could fail. It becomes a fun game to me. Do I play to win the game of life, oh yeah!

I have the most fun turning a challenge into a learning experience and a win at the end. What about you? Do you like to play? Do you enjoy turning challenges into games, games into opportunities, and opportunities into success? Do you play the game to win or do you play the game not to lose?

Have you seen people nagging and complaining about life day in and day out? I bet you have. What about the one that blames others for hers/his misfortune? What about the one's that get jealous of you if you are too happy and do their best to put you down just so they can relate? Sounds familiar?

I remember having a dinner conversation with some friends in a restaurant. We talked about happiness. We asked who was happy and who wasn’t. I remember saying with certainty; I am definitely happy! The whole table looked at me like I was crazy. I swallowed my saliva and said again shaking my head and confirming; Yes, I am! Why are you guys looking at me like that? One of them said very serious; It is impossible to be “that” happy with all that is going on in the world, impossible.

I said; impossible for YOU if you believe you have to feel miserable like most people in order to relate, or to fit in. I refuse to allow misery to influence my happy essence of being. I prefer to be a leader and change the misery around me. After all I can be much more useful if I am happy and energetic, than if I am feeling depressed and sorry for my self or the fate of the world.

There was a heavy silence for a moment. A few minutes later I got them to laugh again with more possibilities and fun moments in life.

Next time you feel happy and someone “tries” to convince you to feel otherwise you have the choice to take the lead and influence them instead; that’s what positive leadership is all about. Influence with positive so the negative dissipates. It’s a win-win situation. Everyone will end up feeling better, agree?

Author's Bio: 

Also known by many as the "Happiness Magnet," Lygya (Leejeeah) Maya is a former million-dollar sales mentor with the Anthony Robbins Companies for 3 years, and an international charismatic speaker on her own time. Lygya has made appearances on WB11, Fox, ABC, PBC, New York Times, and many other newspapers, and radio shows. She has been featured in Vanity Fair Magazine, Essence Magazine, Dance Magazine, newsletters, and written articles to several magazines. For 15 years she has been giving her flare and charisma to her energetic work of inspiring others to live life "carnival style."

Maya, 57, is the only Brazilian female motivational and inspirational speaker possibly in the world, bringing people a message of how to smarten up by lightening up to thousands of people. She demonstrates how to use humor to become more creative, more productive and stress free.

Raising herself from a homeless child to a star in many communities, Maya is a great writer/speaker for diversity in the in any place, and can't wait to share her secrets with those who will join her in a quest to make the most out of this life. She will uplift and captivate you through her inspirational and funny stories, while she passionately conveys her experiences, giving the message that no obstacle can stand in the way of a determined mind and heart in business or in your personal life.