Let’s face it — the world is going from bad to worse. The world’s economies are shrinking. Banks are being nationalised left, right and centre. Governments aren’t just spending money that they don’t have; they are actually printing more – a process that goes by the wonderfully ambiguous euphemism of “quantitative easing”. Food prices are soaring. The value of our homes is plummeting. It all paints a pretty bleak picture.

Or does it?

Long before I became a full-time medical intuitive, I came to appreciate just how reluctant we are to change. I have worked as a management and IT consultant as well as a lawyer. And in those capacities, I have witnessed time and time again how easy it is for us to fall into routines. However, without fail at some point down the line routines turn into ruts.

We’ve all been there. Perhaps some of us – maybe even too many of us – are in one right now. We were happily going along with life when we fall into a fixed way of doing things that mysteriously stops working for us – in other words a rut. Sometimes we see the rut coming. Other times we simply find ourselves staring up from the depths of one.

No matter how much we dislike being there getting out of a rut is hard. It can be like breaking the ugliest, nastiest and worst habit we’ve ever had – the kind that can cause us to lose friendships, kill relationships, ruin us financially, make us miserable and even jeopardise our health. And yet, pulling ourselves up and out will be one of the most difficult challenges that we will face.

The reason that a rut presents us with such a daunting task requiring powers beyond most of us mere mortals comes down to one fact – we hate change. It’s simple. Equally, it’s crazy. And yet, it’s true.

Now I’m not talking about changing for the sake of it. I’m referring to situations in which we know that we aren’t getting what we need, in which we aren’t happy, or in which we know in our gut that something is amiss or just plain wrong and still we do nothing of note to alter or improve the situation.

I’m reminded of the joke where the man goes to the doctor complaining that it hurts when he does this, to which the doctor quips that he should stop doing it. Yet, from the bottom of the chasm of a rut, we can’t seem to help ourselves and instead continue, metaphorically speaking, to poke ourselves in the eye.

To be sure, people do escape from the clutches of ruts. However, all too often it’s not at their own volition. It’s usually because something else, something external to them happens that FORCES them to change – to get up off their backsides, do things differently and move into a space where something new can occur.

Sometimes that kind of change is forced by illness. But today far more of us are being touched by something that is more than a period of mere economic insecurity. I would argue that it’s grown and developed into a time of personal and spiritual uncertainty. The status quo has been shattered. Business as usual cannot and will not continue.

When I’m reading for or working with my clients, they often speak of their unhappiness and sometimes outright despair. I then ask them to think back and identify a point when they became aware that they weren’t happy or that life was not doing it for them any longer. Without exception, they always pick a time that preceded the woes of our current climate.

It’s my observation that having to do with less or even having to do without isn’t what’s making people unhappy right now. They were unhappy long ago. However, they didn’t do anything about it then – because they feared or even hated change.

But right now change is the only thing on the menu. Whilst not belittling the upheavals going on around us all, affecting our everyday lives, our jobs, our plans, let’s try to see the opportunities that these changes presage.

The time has come for us to take up our beds and walk. We have to take a hard look at who we are and what we want. Then, we have to consider, since staying the same and remaining in that rut isn’t an option, what it will take to make it better – not just different.

I challenge each of you today to take a few minutes. Let your mind drift and allow yourself to become focused on your breathing. When you are ready, ask yourself why you are not happy, satisfied or healthy. Pay attention to the images, thoughts and intuitive impressions that begin to flow. Then, set yourself a goal of doing ONE THING that need not be huge but is concrete to make your life better by embracing change and coming to terms with the new direction that you have no choice but to take.

Remember, it all starts with the first step.

Another thought that I would like to share with you this week is what Albert Einstein famously said about insanity – that it’s “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Are you doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results? Are you stuck in a rut from which you cannot escape? Are you unhappy but feel that you are powerless to change it? And if it’s not the economic crisis, is a crisis of health or spirit getting you down? If so, take that first step to changing your situation today.

What is required is not easy, nor is it avoidable. Some of us are disciplined to do this kind of work on our own. Others of us need the guiding hand of someone else, someone who’s been there – gone into the darkness and emerged into the light.

Every day I work with clients who have chosen to empower themselves to make the changes that they need to live a healthier and more authentic life. Through my Intuitive Life Coaching I provide one-on-one sessions to guide and inspire my clients to do it for themselves, whereas my Medical Intuitive Readings help identify the spiritual issues underlying illness. If you are ready to accept that challenge and behold the awesome potential of your own powerhouse, then why not get started today!

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For thirty years Alan Bridges has been giving readings based on his intuitive and clairvoyant abilities. He's a full-time medical intuitive and psychic with an international following, empowering his clients with his medical intuitive readings, energy healing and spiritual guidance and coaching. Learn more about Alan’s work at his web site: intuitivebridges.com