Hillary Clinton was never a contender for the Democratic nomination because she is a West Group person. You see, in feng shui there are two types of people: West Group and East Group. Both groups have four directions that are ideal for them. For West Group people these are Northwest, West, Southwest and Northeast. For East Group people these are North, South, East and Southeast.

Every year each of these directions contains a specific type of positive or negative energy. In 2008, three of the 4 directions for West Group people, including Hillary, contain negative energy (Conflict, Illness and Robbery). However, 2008 is a great year for West Group people to pursue, build and or strengthen relationships through networking, making new friends, joining groups and forming alliances. Hillary was able to do this quite easily but it wasn’t enough to get her the nomination for the Democratic ticket.

2008 happens to be a great year for East Group people including Barak Obama and John McCain. If you’re an East Group person three of your 4 best directions are ideal for career success, long-term abundance and fame within your industry, company, community and/or among your friends. This is also a year for East Group people to experience some kind of unexpected or abrupt change in their relationships, health, beliefs or personal success.

Since 2008 is more beneficial to East Group people than West Group Hillary would have (and did) have a hard time trying to gain the Democratic nomination.

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Chriss Barr is a Feng Shui and Dowsing Expert, national speaker and consultant and the founder of www.PalmBeachFengShui.com and the creator of The Palm Beach Feng Shui System®, the most complete Feng Shui consultation program for homeowners and entrepreneurs. She is also the Official Guide to Dowsing on SelfGrowth.com.

Chriss is also the celebrated author of the e-book 4 Easy Ways to Ignite Your Love Life and Fatten Up Your Wallet and two home study systems: “Feng Shui the Green Way® for Homeowners” and “Feng Shui the Green Way® for Architects.”

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