Before you can truly get the good that you desire, the good that God intends for you ... before you can get that good into your mind ...

You are going to have to clear your mind of a lot of hatreds and 'hurtreds' that are keeping you from your blessings ...

You are going to have to FORGIVE!

And you forgive that person who hurt you -- not for his or her sake -- but for the sake of your OWN mental and physical health and well-being!

Forgiveness is rooting up and letting go of the self-destructive emotions of anger and resentment and hurt.

When you forgive you stop holding something against somebody else.

Forgiveness is for your own sake!

Many times people think that forgiveness is something that you do for other people or to other people. But forgiveness is what you do for yourself!

That's why I tell you, don't carry anger, don't carry resentment, don't carry 'hurtred' nor hatred.

Some of you wonderful people, you wouldn't dare hate anybody.

You say, "Rev. Ike, I don't hate, but I'm hurt."

Well, let me tell you, 'hurtred' is just as dangerous as hatred.

Yes, some of you are carrying around 'hurtred'. And that will do you just as bad as hatred -- because, you see, if you carry with you the emotion of being hurt, you will draw more hurt.

If you are easily offended, you will keep drawing people to you who will keep offending you. You go around feeling hurt. "Oh, I'm so hurt."

And you'll draw more hurt, and you'll go around like that song, "Why is Everybody Always picking on me?"

So, you see, you're not just simply doing the other person a favor by forgiving him or her, the first person you do a favor for by forgiving is yourself.

"Okay, Rev. Ike, everyone keeps saying "forgive, forgive", but no one tells me HOW to do it!"

Well I'm telling you exactly how to do it.

This Forgiveness Affirmation Works

Right here and right now, repeat the following 'Forgiveness Affirmation' out loud as many times as you need to:

Insert the name of each person you wish to forgive ... AND don't JUST say the words ... ... FEEL the words, use your emotions, act it out in the theater of your mind ... ... until you convince yourself that you mean it!

Now say the following:

"I now forgive you, (name of person), for all hurts and harm that you have done to me. I GLADLY forgive you, (name of person). I forgive you intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. I GLADLY let go of all anger and hostility, and choose to see you through eyes of love and compassion. I bless you, (name of person)! I wish you health, happiness, prosperity and ALL the blessings of life! I am FREE, and you are FREE! It is a MARVELOUS FEELING!"

Remember, you must FEEL this -- -- act it out with your voice and body -- throw your hands in the air -- do whatever you must do to 'get the feeling". And if those hurt, angry thoughts about the person come back later -- you may have to repeat this affirmation many times -- until your subconscious mind becomes re-programmed from anger to love!

I guarantee it will work -- if YOU work it.

And the next time you see that person, you are going to be amazed. You will feel and act differently and they will react differently towards you! Or, if that person is distant or deceased, you will experience a new peace of mind regarding that person. They will be free -- and YOU will be free!

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