Self Confidence is extremely important in a person's life. Self-Confidence is being certain and trusting your abilities. Persistence is the key when using any self-confidence tip.

These self confidence tips are from my personal experience, start feeling more confident. Self-Confidence can be learn.

1 ) Relay on self-evaluation

· Avoid giving your power to another person. Focus inside of you in how you feel. Develop self-respect and a loving relationship with you. Trust your instincts to create self-assurance and confidence . Believe in your abilities. You cannot feel self confident all the time, but you cant start building confidence with a different attitude .

· Forget about the opinion of other people. This is the hardest lesson I had to face. Looking for a person constant approval. I have understood that the opinion of another person is only that. Stop thinking all day what people think about you to feel self confident. Every person you meet will have a different opinion.
Become your own best friend to become self confident

2 ) Treat yourself with kindness

· Treat yourself with kindness and patience . The attitude in a person is more important than the abilities and will help building confidence.

· Change your negative inner-dialog, it is extremely vital for building confidence. Sometimes this inner voice can be discouraging you from even attempting something that you truly wish to attempt. When you recognize this defeating thinking, change it. Tell it that you are thankful because in a way is trying to protect you and instead say a supportive affirmation. If the voice is telling you: don't even bother. Say : thank you for sharing, but I can do it right.

· You should talk to yourself the way you would speak to a person you love. The key is to overcome your negative self-talk to empower your confidence . My internal dialog was of criticism because I had perfectionist parents. It took me many years to accept myself until I learned to overcome my negativity to feel a more self-confident person.

3 ) Accentuate the positive

Accentuate your positive good qualities. Refresh every morning all you have done well . There is always something that you do well during the day. Every night sit down and right all the good things that you have done. It does not matter if they are small, you will be more self-confident.

Most of us were raised to accentuate on the negative and it became a habit. I focus on the great events that happen to me, my successes to feel self confident. I am grateful and celebrate those events. Learn to remembering the great things you have done helps building self confidence.

4 ) Take risks

· Your self confidence depends on how risky you are. If you failed, is ok. Your are learning and growing. View a mistake as a lesson. I had to balance this issue because in the past I have taken risks easily. I learn to follow my intuition.

· Forget the outcome. Learn from your mistakes and move on, it is your opportunity for growing. Talking risks is a key because it shows that you have the capacity to deal with the results. You are in control of events and no matter what happens you can cope with it.

Creating trust and self-assurance in your life will let you cope with situations from a different perspective. Start living the live of your dreams with happiness and joy. Love yourself more .

© Carla Valencia. Building Self Esteem

Author's Bio: 

Carla's professional background includes 15 years working as a Software Developer and Technical Writer with import-export and manufacture companies. Her passion about self-esteem issues had leaded her to write about her personal experiences.

She has been examining alternative ways of dealing with life on many different levels. She studied Metaphysic, Buddhism, EFT-CC ( Basic EFT Certificate of Completion) and participated in several workshops to work inside herself. She's been using several techniques since the last 10 years like Ho'oponopono, EFT, Rebirthing , Shadow Work and Meditation.

Her passion: "Give her personal experience to others", her expression: "My life is my teaching". Visit: Building Self Esteem for more information.