When we find spirituality, or it finds us, the experiencefeels surreal. We begin to feel like we're walking on atightrope between two different worlds. We becomeungrounded and loose touch with the physical side of life.When our spiritual mission becomes clear, it is even truer.Learning to breathe and to walk between these twoexperiences until they merge can be a tough balancing act.It’s easy to choose and get lost in the new experiencebecause it feels so good and so right. Regular aspects inthe physical world seem less important and get set aside,many times incomplete.

This tightrope doesn't have the same thinness as the rope wethink of in the circus. A spiritual path is actually on theground and wider even though it feels like walking on air attimes. If you step to one side, you engulf yourself totallyin the awe of spirituality. The other, the physical world.And because of its alluring influence, it is easy tounderstand why we prefer to be there.

There are ways to merge the two experiences. Here are seventechniques to help balance the tightrope:

1. Maintain or start new physical activities. Go running,play tennis, take a walk, or workout. Allow love to pourinto the tennis racket. This is a neat experience if youhaven't tried it before. Allow the physical activity tomerge with a spiritual part. Walk with a loving heart, sayyour favorite poem or prayer, and feel it in each step. Dothe same when making beds, running errands, standing at thecopy machine, taking the kids to soccer, or washing the car.This chases the doubt away and invites high attractionvibrations in.

2. Caring for others. Take care of your family, yourself,pets, and others in your life. Allow them the amount ofspace they need to learn, falter (yes, I said falter), andgrow. Place yourself on that list, so, set time, and spaceaside for you as well.

3. Keep financially stable. It is easy to say, "Do what welove and the money will follow." Lean too much on thespiritual side and you stop taking action and the moneydries up. This is like wishing to win the lottery withoutbuying a ticket. One difference with balance the two -- theright people show up at the right time. People sometimesthink that when you find spirituality, the money just findsyou. This can't be furthest from the truth. It means thatyou will find it easier to attract what you need if youcontinue to take action. If this is a learning and growthperiod, it takes massive action -- action for learning andaction for the regular action. As hard as this one is tobalance and maintain, nevertheless it is feasible, millionsof people do so daily.

4. Spend more time planning and setting goals. Manifestingwhat we want still requires action and planning.Spirituality can nestle us so warmly and lovingly it’s easyto set the needed action aside. The level of balance is inthe amount of flexibility you allow in the action plan.Complete each action with total openness of all that ispossible for what follows. Ask and allow the universe tosend easier, faster steps. And be open to see then whenthey arrive. Ask, trust, and allow the universe’s infinitewisdom to send you the answers. They are usually betterthan anything we usually arrive at ourselves. The tightropeis to balance trust with flexibility and space for expandedfreedom and results.

5. Keep on giving. Spirituality is a gift that needs toflow. It can only continue to do so if people give. Thereare many ways to give and the method you choose will be theright one.

6. Allow room for real people and relationships. Otherpeople ground us and connect us to the physical world. Yet,they must still allow us to evolve. People are another formof giving and receiving -- two necessary parts for goodground maintenance.

7. Receiving remuneration is a gift. Accept it as if itcame from the universe asking you to continue the flow.When we receive, water continues to flow into our cup andallows our mission to continue its evolution. Asking forcompensation allows both parties to continue the flow. Whenwe shift our perspective and see the need for flow,additional funds to appear.

Enjoy spirituality in balance with both feet on the ground!

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