Taking action is the strongest way to create success in your life. The following are the 21 Actions that you can take right now, to ignite the success in your life, business, career, relationships, or family. Take one or two of the actions that you are better at and practice them. Then, start working on some of the other actions. You will be surprised at the success that you will have when you start to take action.

1 STOP … the way you do things presently.

To stop allows you the right to take inventory of what is happening in your life objectively and with clarity and then, when appropriate, to continue.

2 DROP … the assumptions that you make about other people and yourself.

To drop your present way of doing things can mean starting anew or just altering the way you approach things. You start with as clean a slate as possible.

3 EXPECT … success.… luck.… fun.… joy.… love.… what you truly desire.

To expect creates sensitivity for the expected. To expect good things opens a world of opportunity.

4 GIVE … without expectation.… without being requested.… when you can and when you cannot.… creatively and in new ways.

To give is the gift of self-esteem. When one is truly comfortable with oneself, one gives effortlessly.

5 BELIEVE … the world is abundant.… in yourself.

To believe goes along with action. When you believe, your actions reflect the reality of your belief.

6 THANK … people who are generous to you.… the world for what you have.… yourself for what you contribute.

To thank is to contemplate one’s good fortune.

7 VISUALIZE … your goals.… your challenges.… your victories.… the path you are taking in life.

To visualize is to use all of your senses and to have experienced the act completely before it happens.

8 ASK … for what you want.… others what they need.… for help.

To ask is not a selfish action. In an appropriate manner it is an act of progress, of clarification and of generosity.

9 CREATE … your world.… new art, new projects, new thoughts, new writing, new music, new fun in your life and the lives of others.… a safe place for others to exist.… a fun environment for those you touch.

To create is human and awe inspiring.

10 LAUGH … a lot. … out loud. … at yourself.

To laugh is to always be selfless and to laugh at yourself as much as you laugh at humanity.

11 DO … Something. … Anything.

Doing will move you forward. Doing will get you out of your doldrums.To do something and, at times, anything can be the catalyst that keeps you going. Doing something means being active physically and mentally, not allowing yourself to become stagnant. The act of doing is the act of success.

12 FORGIVE … those who have wronged you.… yourself.

To forgive is to acknowledge and say everything is okay.

13 BE … the success you want to be now. Play the part to make that the new norm.… true to yourself… present in every moment for yourself and for those around you.

To be in this sense is an action. It means you are actively present and in the role of yourself. Being means you are not lost in the past or in the future.

14 LOVE … those people around you. … those who support you. … your family. … your friends. … yourself.

To love is to open yourself up to those who are close to you and ultimately to everyone.

15 FOCUS … your efforts on your priorities, your goals, and your plans.

To focus means your energies are not wasted or spread too thin.

16 LEARN … daily.

To learn is to honour the capacity we all have within our minds. To learn exercises our muscle of thought.

17 BALANCE … your life for you, your family, your work, the world.

To balance is to recognize your boundaries and to act in a way to not cross them.

18 RELAX … your body.… your mind.

To relax is the act of allowing our minds to catch up and organize themselves. To relax allows rest for our muscle of thought.

19 EMBRACE … your fear as a necessary part of success.… change as the vehicle for new opportunity.… new people as just that … people.

To embrace is a hug that is comforting yet confident.

20 OBSERVE … the world around you.… the people around you.… what you see, hear, taste, small, and feel… what your gut tells you.… what your mind is thinking.… the power of a relaxed, rested mind

To observe is the willingness to be taught about your world and those people and things in it.

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Paul has always researched and studied the fields of human performance and personal & professional development. As an engineer, Paul is extremely interested in how things work - the mind being one of the most fascinating. Paul has lived a life of opportunity and abundance, which has included living and working overseas in Africa and the Caribbean. He is a retired I.T. consultant and executive, a husband and father of 2 boys, and has conquered marathons, triathlons, and Mount Kilimanjaro. This wide background of experience has all supported his research. Paul lives a life of success by practicing the Mindscape Principles.

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