I just had an adventure! I walked on fire and didn't burn, not even a little! Just thinking about it makes me happy. I had forgotten the feeling you get when you try something you aren't sure you can do. The fear, the anticipation, the crazy relief and exhilaration of trying.

Often the older we get the fewer new things we try. It is easy to live in our small, comfortable box only doing those things that we know we are competent at. It is easy but not exciting!! If you desire an extraordinary life then it's time to try something new. Have an adventure! Do something that you've always wanted to do but are too scared to try. Remember as children we were always trying something new. Everything was new from riding a bike to learning how to read. Did we mess up a lot? Yes! Did we try again? Of course! So now you know how to have an adventure. Try it, be willing to mess up and try again. Most of all allow yourself to have fun doing it! Remember as Bob Proctor said, “We come this way but once. We can either tiptoe through life and hope that we get to death without being too badly bruised or we can live a full, complete life achieving our goals and realizing our wildest dreams.”

Are you ready to stop tiptoeing and have a wonderful adventure? Then take action! Make a list of adventures you would like to have. Do you want to learn to dance, swim with dolphins or play an instrument? What would be an adventure for you? Choose one to do this week and get ready to experience that amazing feeling of being totally and extraordinarily alive!

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