Your subconscious mind works best when your conscious mind is asleep or pleasantly occupied. In between intending and manifesting must be a temporary period of forgetting. If you want a good parking spot, give yourself enough time to forget about your intent before you get there. The sooner you think about something else the sooner reality can get to work. There is no easier way to take your conscious mind of something than by keeping yourself busy with something else.

There are times when you have a question about what to do make but can’t seem to find the answer. You don’t have to force yourself to come up with the decision in the moment. You can take a break and go do something else so that your subconscious mind can work on it. The answer will come to you as your subconscious mind pieces together the information it knows to develop the best choice that you can act on. You will become a lot more clear about what to do when that happens.

The people who accomplish the most are the ones who seem to work the least. That is because the ones that work the most are only working with half a mind. They spend so much time working consciously and not resting to let their subconscious work instead. The ones that work with a full mind do so by switching between working with their conscious mind and subconscious mind. They are able to focus their thoughts on a matter and then let it go free for awhile before returning back again.

You can be happy to know that to be successful, it is really essential to take more time for enjoyable diversion, instead of working longer and harder. Working smarter means working with your whole mind. Don’t do more work with your conscious mind than is necessary or you are wasting energy. Hold your mind on what you intend to manifest and then go do something else. The more you rest by freeing your conscious mind of a matter, the more your subconscious gets to work on it.

Take time off to go do what you enjoy. Relax and have some fun. Play and chill out for awhile. Your subconscious mind will direct you in your work, making it better, easier to perform and far more pleasant. This is what it means by doing less and achieving more. There is less and less conscious effort required as everything just goes into a flow. What you do becomes easy and effortless. This is the optimal way you want to accomplish things.

The intelligence of your subconscious mind is infinitely far more than all the intelligence of your conscious mind. You don’t have to worry when you do not think you have all the knowledge and awareness you need to handle a particular situation. That is the time when you can receive inspiration instead. You can never know everything consciously but you already know everything subconsciously. Worry hinders you from doing the things that would otherwise solve what you are worrying about.

Your desire sets intent in motion, which in turn attaches a line of force to your target. Now you must be drawn together like a fisherman and the fish. Once the line is cast, desire is forgotten allowing the universe or subconscious to reel you and the goal together with the least possible effort or resistance in between. Consciously you can not possibly calculate or predict completely what is required to reach your desire. Detachment and forgetfulness allows you to be led.

Detachment is the ability to close the doors of intention, to put out of the conscious mind once the working is complete. You focus your intention to perform the work and then you set it aside. Let the subconscious take over and carry it out. When you think too much about something consciously, you trigger conscious thought processes which interfere with your subconscious manifesting.

If you want something too much, and you’re constantly thinking of it, you will end up pushing it away. You interrupt things just as they’re about to be given to you. Once the intention is in the subconscious mind it will operate unaided. If the thought or desire comes back into your conscious mind, suppress it. Do whatever to push it back out of your mind. Don’t consciously dwell on it.

The autopilot and the pilot cannot control the plane at the same time. Ease of perfection in accomplishing anything depends on how much you are able to let go of conscious control over it and allow yourself to act automatically and effortlessly. When you free you conscious mind for your subconscious to work, you are allowing God and the universe to work on your behalf and to do the work through you. Free your mind and it will do wonders for you.

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