Freedom is a word that Americans like to throw around and use often in our society. The problem is that very few people truly understand what real freedom is. Freedom is not something that we have to fight for in another country. It's not found in chemicals or local bars. Freedom isn't found in a relationship, or at a job. It's not something you pick up at the local seven eleven or any other place. Freedom is found in a place few people ever dare to look.

First, let me start by discussing what freedom is. Freedom is the lack of restraints or things that hold us down. As a bird flies through the sky with no concern about gravity, it has freedom from the typical things that hold us to the earth. Freedom is a place, a spot within each of us. Freedom cannot be found in anything outside of us. Things outside of ourselves can help us discover our own freedom, however, they can never give us our freedom. Freedom, is a state of being.

Freedom in life is the ability to be happy regardless of what is going on around us. Of course there are natural emotions from moment to moment in each of our lives such as sadness, joy, anger, and many others. However, underlying all of that needs to be a sense of freedom, a sense of peace and happiness in our day to day interactions with ourselves, others, and life. That is where true freedom can be found.

Many people never find a place within themselves, that special someone that lies in each of our hearts. That person that is untouched by the world around us. Even in the worst of times and situations, is there still a sense of overall happiness and peace within your heart. A sense of connection to the world and what is going on. Even when things are bad, are you paying attention to life and what is going on, and are you still able to feel comfortable with who and what you are. Even when surrounded by chaos, are you still able to be fully awake and enjoy the experience that even chaos has to offer.

Freedom is secretly hidden in each of our hearts. Happiness is hidden within each of our hearts. Each of us has a person who is laying in waiting to be let out into the world. As firm as a solid wall of concrete, this person is untouchable by the world around us. Only by our own actions does this person within each of us waver and stagger. This person understands happiness and freedom. This person understands that freedom is found not in being able to fly in the sky, but being able to find peace and happiness within our hearts because of the person we have become, and are becoming. This place within each of us is hidden deep, so look closely. Understand that your ability to truly open up and allow yourself to be vulnerable in the world, to truly connect with both the good and bad, positive and negative experiences of life, and to truly dive into them with your eyes wide open is where freedom lies. This is the only place that happiness and freedom can be found.

Often times we want to cling to the good times and never allow them to leave, and we work as hard as we can to avoid the bad times. This constant chasing and hiding will never allow us to experience freedom. Me must embrace both with open arms and hold them as you would hold a coin in the palm of your hand to show someone else. Not clinging to them, not hoping to have or avoid them. But truly experiencing them as they are they, as they arise and go away in our lives. Remember that even when everything is in chaos and it feels as though nothing can get any worse, this too will pass. Even when everything is perfect and things couldn't get any better, this too will pass. Open up and experience both of these periods of your life.

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