Many times the cause of frustration lies in the fact that people are afraid to express their feelings. When you are frustrated at work, you might think: If I tell my boss about my problem, he will judge that I am weak. Or when your frustration is in your relationship, you might think: My husband is so busy and stressed; he cannot handle my problems at this time. I'll tell him later, at the right time. The only thing that happens when you think this way is that your frustration gets bigger and the situation gets worse. Of course it is good to say your thing at the right time, but you should not postpone it again and again. You'd better take action right now.I'll tell you some techniques to make it easier to express your feelings.

The first technique for dealing with frustration: Chakra of the throat.
Close your eyes and visualise your throat as a bright star. Then say: I command my deepest inner self to heal all karma, pain, wounding and blocking emotions and cell-memory permanently and fully in present, past and future, so I can creatively express what is in me. I express myself freely and with passion. I enjoy this process with ease and passion. Then take a deep breath and breathe out.
Do this technique every day and if possible several times a day if you enjoy doing it.

Second technique for dealing with frustration: Eye movement.
Take the time to think about your situation. Imagine that the situation is exactly the situation as you would like it to be. Do this with the frustrating situation you are dealing with. Imagine that the weather is nice, the sun is shining and just feel happy. Feel happy in your situation. As soon as the happy feeling comes, move your eyes 20 times from the right to left and back. Feel what happens!

Third technique for dealing with frustration: The Switch
This is a good exercise when you are still a bit afraid to express your feelings.
Say the next affirmation out loudly: "I can express my feelings to my superior." At the same time you hit the palm of your hand with the outside of your other hand, rolled into a fist. Do this three times and change hands. Say your affirmation loudly and actively. In fact you can use the switch to make any affirmation stronger. Try it and you'll be surprised.

When you use all three techniques it will become much easier to express yourself to your superiors, your colleagues, and your spouse or to anyone you need to express yourself to. By expressing yourself your frustration will diminish.

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