GLIMPSE has now launched and is available for order. I have taken the following from our packet mailings to save myself some time as my phone is ringing and my inbox is filling up with orders, but I wanted to make sure all of you had this information in your hands.

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•The trend across the world is wellness. XanGo, the world category creator of the whole fruit Mangosteen juice now brings its power of health and wellness to skincare with GlimpseTM Intuitive Skin Care. Once again, XanGo is first to market, delivering the power of the mangosteen to a cellular level for the skin. GlimpseTM features a phytonutrient rich xanthone formulation developed by XanGo through scientific exploration and advanced skin nutrition technology which is now being brought to the marketplace for the first time. GlimpseTM is designed to intelligently nourish and repair your skin with a unique and natural approach that will lead the industry of wellness. Intuitive skin care that knows what your skin needs.

•XanGo has recruited some of the most prized skin care experts to work for you. This team’s collective expertise and years of experience led to the creation of our superior xanthone rich formulas. We have gone to the ends of the earth, traveling thousands and thousands of miles to exotic Thailand where our nutrient rich Mangosteen is harvested. The pericarp peel then travels to the ancient island of Japan accessing legendary scientific technology bringing you the very best in skin nutrition. GlimpseTM, infused with the secret of xanthone, features BioActive X3 our new scientific discovery with 3 patent pending processes, and just like our juice is first to market.

•Its powerful life force brings vital activity and energy to your skin delivering xanthone to the cellular level stimulating collagen to maximize your skin health. BioActive X3 is cultivated in Japan through an innovative bio-fermentation process of the Mangosteen pericarp peel. This amplifies its purity, potency, and energy far beyond traditional scientific processes, multiplying the xanthone efficacy. Men and women alike will discover the superior benefits of skincare infused with our BioActive xanthones. The science rivals any available in the world. What we have is a unique combination of a product that is performance driven and yet incredibly green and clean. It is exclusively yours through GlimpseTM, Intuitive Skin Care.

Beauty from within

•GlimpseTM has been meticulously formulated to encompass pure botanical ingredients. To realize this full strength, 100% of the water in GlimpseTM is Mangosteen concentrated water infused with pure Mangosteen pericarp peel during the first step of the formulation process. We use a gentle cold bio-fermentation process, which very few companies make that level of investment in their product. This process allows a gentle transfer of all the nutrients in the fruit. The result is a partnering between potent and powerful green, pure, whole nutrients and an experience that is luxurious and of the highest quality.

•GlimpseTM, Intuitive Skin Care, with our scientific blend of exclusive xanthone complexes from our mangosteen, BioActive X3, helps naturally renew, repair, and resist skin damage.

•The BioActive x3 complex supercharges the cells and then gives them gas. The pericarp oil is an incredible technology because it solves one of the major troubles in skin care … getting nutrients to the cells. The pericarp oil is a breakthrough delivery system by which these nutrients reach the cells. Most skin care is an artificial effect on the surface of the skin. GlimpseTM is driven from within as it renews and awakens the cells and causes skin cells to behave young again.

•There is nothing added as fluff, fillers, or fragrance to make it have an artificial effect of the surface and just feel nice. Every ingredient is at active levels and is put in to GlimpseTM for a healthy skin benefit.

•We are what we eat, drink, breathe, and absorb. People are realizing the dangerous effects of toxins and allergens hiding everywhere.

•Healthy, energized skin begins with a daily regimen designed specifically for your individual complexion needs. Our GlimpseTM brand will provide two skin care regimens. System I for normal to dry skin provides a creamy cleanser, a topical xanthone spray, a nutritious xanthone serum, and a rich xanthone moisturizing cream. System II for normal to combination skin includes a refreshing gel cleanser, a topical xanthone spray, a nutrition xanthone serum and a moisturizing xanthone lotion. All feature the powerful BioActive X3 Complex. Both systems work synergistically with XanGo Juice and 3SIXTY5 delivering internal and external wellness. We have created a new category of topical supplementation that is matched only by our industry changing internal supplementation.

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