In the movie and the book THE SECRET, the basic formula for creation is a three-fold sequence of:Ask Believe & Receive. According to that source, your role is to ask the universe for what, and then to believe you will get it (or in some cases believe you already have it) and then be open to receive whatever "it" is.


Based on my more than 50,000 hours of coaching, I've put my own spin on the sequence and call it GRABS:

G stands for gratitude & giving
R for release & receive
A for acknowledge, ask and inspired action
B to be authentic as you can be and believe you already have what is on your vision board (in fact begin to give thanks for it in advance)
S is for sharing what you do have and your newfound wisdom.

HOW TO USE GRABS and visioning prior to creating your Vision Board:

Begin your visioning session with an expression of gratitude, be ready to release the old ideas and receive wisdom and insight and even what you already know. Acknowledge your your progress and ask for what you want and begin to take inspired action NOW.

At the same time be yourself and believe you have already received everything you ask for. Then Share your abundance of insight, gifts & talent. Help out in the community. Write an article sharing your wisdom and you'll find this bring even more gratitude into your lfie. The cycle of creation will propel you forward.

Try GRABS next time you begin to update your vision board or when you need to get fresh insight as to where you are in life and where you are going.

Go ahead try it! GRAB LIFE!

Author's Bio: 

Joyce Schwarz is the author of the best-selling book THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life. She is a Hollywood career and new company start-up strategist who has logged more than 50,000 hours of coaching for VIP's celebrities and entrepreneurs and even top wisdom leaders.