There are several ways that you can do body cleansing; but you can start one pretty easily by going on a detox diet. A detox diet essentially aids your body in the removal of toxins and waste products and helps increase your overall health. One detox diet food that aids in the cleansing is garlic. Garlic is found to be extremely helpful in digestive disorders.

Garlic contains diallyl sulphide which gives it more medical value. This food is found to be a powerful antibiotic; and can therefore help you treat a variety of infections. However, since it cannot target specific infections, you may think that you need to limit your intake as you do not want your body to risk building up a tolerance to this natural antibiotic. There is no cause for worry. In fact, garlic as a detox diet food does not cause your body to build up any resistance to its effectiveness; so there is no issue about the tolerance.

Garlic increases phagocytosis. This boosts the ability of your white blood cells to fight off bacterial infection (toxins). It also strengthens the cells of your immune system. It is no wonder that garlic is now the subject of many studies aimed at looking for cures against HIV/AIDS.

Additionally, garlic has been found to be effective in reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It has the ability to control free radicals and to counter blood clotting. Garlic is not only useful in blood disease, but can help prevent cancer. If these still do not make up enough reasons to eat garlic, be aware that this detox diet food is also being studied as a possible treatment for conditions such as athlete’s foot, asthma, vaginal infections, diabetes, colds, and candida.

You may be tempted to swallow garlic whole at this point in time while reading this article. Well, you should know that garlic needs to be sliced, cooked or chewed before its healing abilities get stimulated. These actions kick the necessary enzymes into gear.

If you do not wish to acquire the strong flavor of garlic in your mouth, you can easily get odorless garlic capsules at any health store. Garlic capsules have already been compounded in ways that release the productive enzyme allicin and hence they are just as effective. You should start to include garlic as a detox diet food for improved overall health!

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