For seven long years was Gautama Buddha lifting up His consciousness, every minute of every day. Firstly, He went through the veil of His own thoughts and emotions – a painful process by itself – and then, by focusing His concentrated love upwards, he started penetrating layer by layer made out of human creations.

When His consciousness was raised above the lower and more material atmosphere filled with the decay of human thoughts, He found himself in a region of intense light where some purer souls had been dwelling. A lot of Truth seekers with lesser longing for spirituality were there, feeling that they had achieved their goal. They spoke, after returning from this plane, of Heaven with streets of gold, Cherubim and Angelic choirs – for them it was the highlight of their lives. They were honest, they were telling the Truth, but for Buddha – it was not enough.

In that individual silent pilgrimage, living in the midst of the forest, protected by the invisible God’s Presence, Buddha was raising His consciousness ever higher and higher until He came to the region of temples and beings who had deserved the right to live in their higher mental bodies during the night sleep. Returning from that world, they were reporting about their insights. This precious Truth they were conveying to their followers. It was the ultimate for them, and it was very beneficial for them, because it was the maximum that their consciousness was able to absorb.

For Buddha this was not enough, He went further and further until he came to the region of Divine light where God’s Ideas and Thoughts were pulsating in the ether. Here He found a few strong sons and daughters of man who were standing there and witnessing the perfection of the world of Ideas. On their return, they were overwhelmed with enthusiasm and zeal, reporting in rapture of the Truth they found. With their inspired speech they attracted many followers amongst the sons and daughters of the earth and they all together were celebrating and rejoicing.

Beloved Buddha said: “No! It is not the ultimate.” Lastly, He arrived in the Heart of Love of the Great Presence of Father-Mother-God, and putting His head on God’s shoulder He was witnessing that Love is everything. And when Buddha returned He did not say anything – there was no need for Him to say: “I did this or I did that” because He Himself had become Love.

Author's Bio: 

Olga Rezo is a mystic, writer, and painter. She is the founder and leader of the Psychophysical Development Society of Belgrade. She helps the disciples on their spiritual path with her original spiritual development method "Sunny Ray". She is the author of the book "I am who I am", and webmaster of the internet site Sunceva Zraka and its English counterpart Sunny Ray - Spiritual Development Guide.