Tom Teychman, head of New Media Venture Investors, who have earned 100 million pounds on various internet, believes that making great money - it is not very easy. Above all, there must be a compelling idea. Usually he gets 20 to 30 messages a day. Obsessed with going to work, spend their savings, but this does not justify itself. Easy to write a masterpiece or symphony think? This situation is the same. Teychman believes that only one of 200 ideas later became a successful enterprise. The remainder going the distance for a variety of reasons : lack of resources, inadequate staffing or lack of customers. Jack London was recording, which formed the basis for his stories. Diary completed during the long nights during his stay in the Yukon, where searchers riches stories of his adventures. Arthur Haley collected material about its future novel "Hotel", the residents of the hotel. Following the arrest of its normal laboratory drove several truckloads of "waste paper". Darwin Wandered around the world for several years before a theory of origin. They have "Bellz" had experimented for several months before created a transistor. And after that, Sony "reinvent" invented "high transistor pocket for the receiver. It is fashionable these days cursing Bill Gates and submit its people, far from programming. But it is an indisputable fact that at the dawn of the "Microsoft", he and his comrades were programming day and night, sleeping on the floor in his office. Soros told that, before investing a lot of money in any direction, checks, as will the market if they invest small amounts.
It still depends of your personality type, however experiments are the basis for success.

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