Parenting is the most beautiful, awe-inspiring, heart-opening, frustrating, difficult, infuriating endeavor I have ever faced. When Sebastian, my eldest son, was still a tiny infant who had been fussing, crying, and generally expressing dissatisfaction with everything around him for what felt like a long, long time, I was struck by the recognition that I was the last resort, that there was no one to hand him over to. Exhausted as I was, I wondered where I would find the patience to go on, day to day!

That was very early in my tenure as a parent and I quickly realized that I needed to find inner and outer resources to help me navigate the rough spots of my days and be the parent I aimed to be: patient, gentle, compassionate, understanding, wise. One particularly helpful resource I use is Reiki, a holistic healing technique. The word comes from the Japanese Rei, universal or spiritually guided, and Ki, life force energy.

All living beings have Ki, it is what makes us alive, our personal energy. When our Ki flows freely, we are healthy and well, in every aspect of life. Reiki balances the body’s energies and clears blockages so our Ki can flow unencumbered. It is channeled, generally through the hands, to promote relaxation, stimulate self-healing, and revitalize body, mind, and spirit. Reiki is not taught, it is transmitted through an attunement carried out by a Master Teacher, who opens the recipient’s energy conduits to Reiki.

My self-treatments healed my blinding migraines and balanced my sugar levels. With my babies, they gave me renewed energy when I couldn’t get enough sleep so that the next day I was still fully available to the little ones. Today, they fill me with a deep sense of peace and calm that fill my reservoirs so that patience and gentleness are readily accessible, for my children and all the other people in my life. And when I feel stressed, Reiki relaxes me. It centers me, helping me tap into my inner “knowing” when I need to make difficult decisions and find creative solutions, especially where my children are concerned.

But what I found in Reiki, as a parent, is not only a tool to help myself, but also one for my children. A little Reiki goes a long way with the kids, and it is a favorite, calming bedtime routine that offers a closeness that can diminish as children grow. Reiki helps alleviate nightmares, fears, and the worries of young minds. It averts many temper tantrums, and eases the ones that weren’t averted. It protects my children from disease by strengthening their immune system. Even before they were fully verbal, my kids (and the neighbors’ kids) were requesting Reiki for their many childhood “owies”! Now, they use it on each other.

Reiki is also a wonderful resource for the parents of children with special needs, relaxing hyperactive children, improving their ability to study and learn. It can ease the sensory difficulties of some children. It improves the nutritional intake and absorption of nutrients that is so crucial for children with digestive issues. For children with chronic diseases, it can diminish their symptoms, improve the effectiveness of their medications and reduce the side-effects of treatment.

Using Reiki as a parent has helped my family lead a more harmonious day-to-day life. It has given me the ability to parent more consistently in the way that I would like to. And, for families dealing with the challenges presented by members with special needs, it can make a huge difference in their quality of life.

Author's Bio: 

Andrea is a Reiki Master Teacher and the parent of two young children. Her Reiki sessions and classes, as well as the spiritual retreats she creates and facilitates are designed with the underlying purpose of helping people move forward on their spiritual path to their Authentic Self, so that they can find true harmony on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. She can be reached at