It's that time of year again when those annoying little bugs called fleas decide to invade your beloved pet. Fleas are not only a nuisance to your pet, but they can become a bigger problem when they decide to feed off you and also make their way into your carpet, bed linens and furniture. The good news, though, is there's a way to get rid of fleas in your home naturally. By naturally I mean without using chemical flea control products that could harm your pet and family.

So, what do you say, are you ready to rid your home of fleas using methods and products that are safe for your pet and family? Of course you are, so let's get started!

4 Ways to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Home Naturally

1. The first thing you must do is treat your pet with an organic flea control product that will kill the fleas lurking in your furry family member's fur.

2. After you've treated your pet, gather and wash all of the linens that you're pet used for a bed, including your own bed linens. Also -- by hand and in hot, soapy water -- wash all your pet's toys. If the toys are filled with fleas, it's best to get rid of them and buy your pet new toys to replace the ones you had to throw away. Note, if you get rid of any of your pet's toys, be sure you remove them from your home; burning them with the vacuum cleaner bag would be best.

3. While you're washing the linens, vacuum every room and piece of furniture in your home. Be sure you burn the vacuum cleaner bag once you've finished. In addition to vacuuming your home, it's a good idea to shampoo all your carpets and furniture as well.

4. Apply a natural flea killer to all your carpets and furniture. One recommended flea killer for the home that is safe for your pet and family is Nature's Guardian spray or carpet powder, which you can purchase from most Walmart stores.

Getting rid of the fleas in your home naturally isn't the end of the battle. If you don't want those pesky critters to return, you'll need to continue to vacuum your home daily for at least one month. Furthermore, you'll need to invest in a natural flea collar for your pet -- a product that will help keep fleas off your pet without harming him/her and causing skin irritation. Finally, bathing your pet at least once a week with a natural flea shampoo is also recommended to help keep those annoying little bugs off your pet and out of your home.

If you follow all of the advice mentioned in this article, then you should be able to get rid of fleas in your home naturally… and hopefully keep them from coming back.

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