One of the biggest challenges many of my clients face is having the right people.

Prior to coaching I'd often hear:

"If only I could find the right people my business would much more profitable."

"I'd have less stress."

"I spend more time managing my people than getting the work done and more."

Ben's Story

Ben who runs a plumbing business has 5 staff. He was always complaining that they were lazy, didn't use their initiative and would take advantage of him.

We had Ben fill in our "Productivity and Leadership Profile". This process allows each team member to anonymously answer questions about how they see Ben in many areas including his leadership abilities, communication, organization etc. Ben also answers the same questions on how he sees himself.

It turned out that Ben thought he was a good boss because he was easy to get along with. However, the feedback from his team showed that he wasn't a good leader. The guys needed clear direction... someone to follow. They required a system, guidelines to work within and regular follow-up.

They never had a team meeting to discuss what was working well and how to improve things. The only time a meeting was called was when there was a customer complaint.

The Solutions

Before I share these tips with you, be aware that it is extremely important to hire the right type of people for your business in the first place. Many employers have the 'hire and hope' mentality. After the person has been hired the employer hopes they work out.

1. Regular Performance and Incentive Reviews

Measure your team's achievements on a regular basis. Formally appraise the performance of each individual twice a year. Salary increases, bonuses and incentives should be based on these performance reviews.

2. Weekly Team Meetings

Learn how to run an effective meeting and have these weekly with your team.

Have a set time each week. Ensure the agenda allows for their input.

3. Personal and Professional Development

Invest regularly in their development, both technical and non-technical skills. The new-found knowledge can be extremely valuable to your business. By learning and developing your people, they will also be more motivated.

4. Develop Your Own Leadership Skills

Turn yourself into a Masterful Manager. There are many skills required to be an effective manager ...delegation, organization and communication etc.

5. Getting coached will show you how to be a powerful leader that gets results and maintains a happy, productive and high performing team.

The Final Word

Looking after the people in your business is vital to ensure its ongoing success... whatever 'success' means to you. A happy, skilled and motivated team if managed effectively will have a huge impact on your productivity and profits.

If you're experiencing 'people problems' and want to know you you can attract and retain a high performing team check out How to Become a Masterful Manager.

To continue doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. So if you want to achieve different results, take action today!

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