The other day someone said to me "there will come a time when us ‘special’ people the light workers of the world will be called on to show others the way." I sat and stared completely caught off guard as far as I could tell I didn't possess any magical powers the rest of the human race had missed out on. Okay so I am a Psychic but this gift is no different than the gift to create a painter has, no different to the gift of healing a Doctor has, no different to the gift of love a Mother has for her child or the gift of reaching a young person a teacher has. No I was pretty sure I wasn't special different maybe but in no way more unique than the next person walking down the street.

It was such a profound moment and I realized it was time to step off my new age pedestal and back into my humility and humanity. All these light workers waiting for their moment to shine and what they cannot see is the little acts of random kindness building one on top of the other the man who gets up to give his seat to the old lady, the teenager who throws the homeless man a dime, the school children recycling, the people serving food at the shelters the list goes on.

Us light workers as we are labeled are not here to shine the light or lead the way for those unenlightened ones quite the opposite. We are here support encourage and fuel the passion of those around us. We are not the ones who will lead the way we are the ones who will give our strength our tools our unconditional love to those who will bring the vision of a new world to life.

I have never been more convinced that our job (not as light workers but as human beings having a very human experience) is to keep the fire burning in the hearts of those whose passion for the world ignites nations and mobilizes communities to action. I am not going to sit on top of my new age pedestal waiting for the light to shine on me I am going to give all I can of myself to ensure everyone has a chance to shine and show the world the divine light of creation that resides not in one but in all.

The ripple of human kindness is a never ending wave of intent which starts from a single unconditional act whether it be deciding to recycle or shoveling the snow off the footpath for the old lady next door. Do not live under the mistaken belief you cannot make a difference in a big way by a small act of kindness or by making a different choice than the one you made yesterday.

Look back in history and you will see the great spiritual leaders were not those who said I will lead you into the next world but those who said to the people 'you have the power to create the world you want.' Gandhi did not say I will be the change he said you be the change you want to see, Nelson Mandela in a very famous speech said the reason you let your light shine is because when you do you give others permission to let their light shine. I do not recall the Dali Lama ever saying he was 'special' or Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King.

If you must place a light worker label on yourself do so with the intent not of waiting for the world to recognize here special you are but with the desire to show others how special they are. Get off your new age pedestal step into the real world and join hands and hearts with the person next to you together and only together can we walk towards a brighter future.

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