April is the month of Re-Birth and Re-Alignment. A lot of people are getting out of an energetic fog of the last couple of months. Imagine a “fog” is covering our bodies. Now imagine a tube that is in the center of this fog covering our bodies. There is a tube or pole that connects us to Source and Earth Energies. The top of the tube connects us to a ball above our head that is Source Energy (our higher selves or consciousness). The bottom of the tube connects us to the Earth’s Energies, grounding us, giving us a foundation or “home”. Because we know everything that is within us, there is a reflection or mirror image of this “fog” that is also covering the Earth.

So here are two images a foggy, AS ABOVE SO BELOW. The Earth covered with this energetic “fog” with a pole or tube that connects the Earth with the universal energies. The “fog” contains energies that have us feeling confused, stressed and old patterns or fears emerge. All these feelings occur when we become dis-connected from our Source or Creator Center and the Earth’s Energies.

Think of this “fog” as part of the accelerated evolutionary process. In ancient text there are five mirrors we go through as we reach enlightenment. They are stages of development. The first one is about projection. We see a trait in someone else that we might not want to admit we have issues with. For example: I had a client that would talk about having to grow up in a household where the females, from grandmother to sisters, were jealous of her. She would often refer to someone else’s jealousy. When we looked at this reaction through the ancient mirror, she saw that she also can be jealous. Mirror number one.

Mirror number two is a trait that we use to judge another. When we judge, we create a split in our energy field. Our divine Source part of us only knows Love, so jealousy or any other emotion other then Love will cause a split. We can consciously or unconsciously leak energy into that judgment. Example: “I am a peaceful person and believe in peace throughout the world”. Then someone mentions Iraq. They intentionally react. “We should get the hell out of there.” That energy of judgment creates a reaction of fight against creating a split from wholeness.

Mirror number three – Something we feel we have lost, given away or that can be taken from us. Example: We have given our heart and soul into a relationship that ends. Leaving us wondering what happened to the magic that attracted us. As we grow, we understand that the magic was a reflection of ourselves; that we are conditioned to seek Love outside of ourselves. When we truly understand all is within, we are total “wholeness”. Nobody can take your heart and soul away from you, leaving you devastated for years as I have seen in some clients.

Mirror number four is “Our Greatest Fear” or sometimes called the “Dark Night of the Soul”. This is the mirror I see a lot of people are working through right now. The council said, “Have people be pro-active and bring into the light our worst nightmares”. For Example: Many people are facing money and security issues. This is so deep within our cellular memory of our energy field it brings up our true beliefs of scarcity, security, safety, truth and survival. This is where you stay in a job or marriage for your personal security. You turn down the messages from your soul to move on. You completed the contract for that job or relationship, but your mind chatter scares you into believing you will be left alone – penniless – homeless – or any of the millions of awful scenarios the ego will create to keep you from living your life purpose. Look at your worst nightmare with the eyes of an empowered Master. When you do, you learn you can not only survive; but live the life of your dreams, because each and every one of us is creating our “Future” lives with every single thought and action.

Remember as a child the “Boogie Man”? I was always afraid of something underneath my bed that was going to grab my feet and pull me into a hell-hole. That “hell-hole” spreads out from under our feet into our lives, relationships and jobs when we stay in jobs we don’t enjoy or remain in relationships that are toxic because of our fears. It starts to shake you from your feet, up to the top of your head creating a fog that keeps that theme of separation from our true nature that we are a Creator, a piece of God in place.

When we start to work with the fifth mirror, this is all about Great Acts of compassion – compassion for ourselves as we truly integrate in all of our bodies that we are complete – everything and everyone is Perfect. When we step out of our Master Posture, we get lost in that fog. When we are aligned with the blueprints encoded in our DNA that will allow us to re-connect, re-align, and re-member we are all God walking.


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Kerrie O' Connor
Intuitive Guidance
for Self Empowerment
Internationally known Master Intuitive, Kerrie O'Connor has the amazing ability to energetically read your unique energy field and like a tuning fork, help raise your vibrational levels so that you can attract what you truly desire in life. Kerrie's powerful lifelong connection to Spirit has honed her extraordinary intuitive abilities which she is dedicated to using to help humanity remember and re-awaken to their Divine Heritage and Empowerment. www.kerrieoconnor.com