Keeping your cool

Many business owners get carried away and jump the gun by launching their website prematurely, and loosing sight of how important it is to have a plan. Planning a website should be well thought out, fast and enjoyable process. You will discover how to accomplish this crucial process by following my '8 Easy Steps to your Complete Website'. When you complete my eBook, you will have a website plan as powerful and well thought out as a successful business plan. A website geared towards making you money!

Spend your time now

Creating a well planned out professional website requires time and determination. It is best to spend your time in the beginning stages with strategic planning. This will save you time and money later on during the process. It is important to realize what you want to create and be willing to invest the necessary funds to accomplish your goals. I would recommend over estimating your costs as a good practice, so unexpected expenses don’t STOP you in your tracks during the most crucial stages of you website design. You may even consider accounting for unexpected expenses for new technology options you may be aware of now, but, may be brought to you attention after you have completed you budget. Gook Luck! Your web site will be an investment that will pay dividends in the future.

Watch out

Don’t cut corners with cheap hosting and templates. If it seems too good to be true….it is! Many website design companies offer cheap deals in hosting and design templates, but you run the risk of having your website appear just like everyone else’s. In today’s market you want to stand out from the rest with an updated look in order to be successful. Also, watch out for hidden charges and upgrades to your hosting plan. What may have only cost $10 per month when you started now becomes $60 - $100 per month with simple upgrades.

It is common for these hosting bandits to have poor customer service and frequent server outages which ultimately cost you money. The most important thing to know about these web site bandits is that they tend to host too many web sites on one server which makes your web site slow and sluggish. It wouldn’t matter what ISP your customer would have, your service is usually dramatically slowed down, and making you lose business. It is important to have your web site download to your viewer quickly. If a web site doesn’t load within the first 10 seconds, you have already lost your viewer to your competition. Host with a reliable hosting company and save money!

How do you look?

Your image and website look is one of the most important aspects of your website design. It is a direct reflection of you and your business. It is like visitors are walking directly into your store. You want it to look appealing, welcoming and state of the art, so your potential customers will buy from you….Right? Don’t risk your potential success. Make sure you hire the right professional and qualified web site designer so you make money. Your success depends on it.

Get the most out of your web site by asking the following crucial questions:

What is your budget?

How much are you willing to invest in your website business?

What is the purpose for creating your website?

Are you trying to sell a product, provide information, and render services or something else? Be Specific!

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Tania Lopez is the author of "8 Easy Steps to your Complete Web Site", the web's resource on how to communicate with your web designer to get remarkable results. The article you have just read is an excerpt of the eBook.
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