If you are one of those people who have always dreamed of writing a book, the process of really getting that dream accomplished is actually well within your grasp. Yes I know, it is easy to not allocate the time and easy to convince yourself your skills and a good sense of direction are just non-existent. You are not the only one in that boat! But this I do know, if you can talk, doesn’t matter what language, you can write that book. There is a best seller in all of us and it is time to dust off that desire and make it a realized accomplishment.

Writing your book can result in very lucrative rewards upon being published. There is no secret here; the best time you invest is the time you invest in yourself. By getting your book published it becomes your profit center. It is a representation of your creativity. Perhaps your own life story contains enough history and down to earth experience that can benefit so many more walking in your shadows. All you need to do is learn how to present the trials and tribulations and present those facts into a great learning tool. Heck, whether your interest is fiction or non-fiction, no matter what the project, wouldn’t it be nice to know how to get that book going and finished in the span of 14 days?

I know, I sound like a sales letter and you are about to sign out of here but, my experience in writing my first book is directly related to you; the author you always wanted to be.

My first book was actually a direct result of a one year educational course I took to become self sufficient and self employed. Well, I’m now in the position to be self employed but, it took years to make that dream materialize. I wish I knew then what I know now about self-publishing. Things like getting an agent within 36 hours, creating book proposals, techniques for releasing personal creativity, swift, instant research tactics, book best seller techniques, reader involvement, blue-printing the book in hours and the thousand other things it took to publish my first one. It took months to write, time to publish and years to inspire recognition. Now, in14 days; I have the ability and experience it took years to do the first time. So why am I telling you free of charge how to write your own book in weeks?

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