The Master Mind Alliance Success Principle

Rick Gettle

What is a Master Mind Alliance?

A Master Mind Alliance is an alliance of two or more minds blended in a spirit of perfect harmony and co-operation for the attainment of a definite major purpose.

When a group of individual brains are coordinated and function in harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual brain in the group.

Understanding the Master Mind Alliance principle in depth, and using it properly will help you get what you want from life with a lot less effort. The best book on this subject is: The Master Key To Riches by Napoleon Hill, the same author who wrote Law of Success and Think and Grow Rich.

Start Your Own Master Mind Group

Find other people who have similar goals than yours and organize them into a power group so that you can put your minds together for greater success achievement.

First, you would need to find others who would like to achieve the same major goal that you have and who are very serious and willing to do what needs to be done?

Elect a group leader and set up some rules and guidelines for the group.

It is the duty of the leader to see that harmony, fairness, honesty, promptness and integrity are developed and maintained by the group at all times; and that any member not conforming to these high standards of conduct is dismissed.

One thing, and only one thing, should be discussed at your Master Mind Alliance meetings, and that is, to help each member achieve and maintain the goals your group decides to achieve together. Those goals will be your group’s Definite Major Purpose.

At your first meeting, brainstorm all the different assignments each member of the group should have. For instance, one member could interview people who have already achieved the same type of goal, to find out how they did it. Another member’s assignment could be to find all of the books on the subject that the members should be studying and the available workshops and courses members could take to become experts on the subject. Make up a list of all of the different assignments you can divide with the members.

Set the dates, location, and the time your group will be meeting.

When you get together with your Master Mind Alliance group, you will be exercising, reaching, expanding, and growing by learning more. As you grow more, you get closer to reaching your potential.

The purpose of your meetings should be for everyone to give, not merely take. If everyone came to take, then how could you receive the valuable information you need to become more successful?

Everyone should realize, the importance of being at these meetings. When they come, they should bring enthusiasm and ideas and share the results of their study and research.

The meetings should last from one to two hours.

At the end of each meeting, new assignments should be given out to be achieved by the next meeting.

Remember to stick to your goal with bulldog determination that will eventually mow down all opposition.

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