Sometimes we are so occupied with our daily routine in life that we forget that "we" are the most important element of our existence. We need to be nourished in order to grow.

When we look at the people around us, we most likely find that most people's favorite pastime is to complain. And just why do we complain anyway? Is it because we need something? Is it that we lack something? Is it that we need or want sympathy? Is it because we need attention? Is it just that we just like to complain; or is it that we just like to hear ourselves talk? Is it becoming a pattern with you? These are some of the most common elements that describe our problem.

I generated a list that can either make us happy, or it can make us miserable. Sometimes we need to draw the line for ourselves, and we are the only ones who can do that!

Be Happy!

1- Just simply be happy and content with yourself, and who you are.
2- Love yourself.
3- Accept yourself for who you are, and as you are.
4- Life is simple, stop trying to complicate it.
5- Life is about understanding. The lessons and experiences you have are only for your own growth and for better soul awareness.
6- Discover who you are, and your soul, and get acquainted with that.
7- Make some time for yourself every day.
8- Learn to listen.
9- Pay attention to your child(ren), help your elders, and you will feel fulfilled.
10-Be good to yourself.
11-Accept humiliation as part of your growth.
12-Always have peace of mind. It's not easy, but try to create it.

Life isn't what challenges us, "we" challenge "ourselves".

Be Miserable!

1- Do live for other people and feel miserable.
2- Do look to others for support, become dependent on others.
3- Do live up to a fake image that is not you.
4- Do take care of everyone before yourself.
5- Do always negate yourself.
6- Do love others before loving yourself.
7- Do live according to traditions just to please others or do things that do not fit in with your own philosophy in life.
8- Do live other people's life karma who they are. That including your family. Live your own life karma.
9- Become greedy, jealous, stubborn, or too sensitive to accept criticism.
10-Do allow your ego and pride to take over your life.

Life is simple so let's stop complicating it.

Choices are out there. It is up to you to choose your own direction in life. It is very important to realize that we hold our own destiny in life, and no one else's. It is also very important to understand your own rights, because you do have FREE WILL. Even the GOD, which I refer to as a "Great Energy Force", that you believe in respects your Free Will because you are part of this GOD and that energy is in us always. If your GOD does not respect that, then it becomes a contradiction and goes against all that's out there in all religions. This "great energy force" is all about love, forgiveness and compassion, and not anything else.

When our GOD will respect our Free Will, why aren't we humans respecting each other's Free Will? In many instances we have been raped of our Free Will by the many limitations which are inflicted upon us every day. Such limitations can manipulate the direction we will take in our lives, thus affecting our karma. We do this as individuals and as a society.

When a human Soul says NO to someone, it does NOT mean YES or that they can try to manipulate the other person in order to change their decision, by tapping into their weaker side. No means No and that has to be respected at all times otherwise we are creating karma for our soul.

As a society, we witness this being manifested throughout history by every empire, civilization, or source of power that had surfaced over time. They all came, and disappeared quickly. Why is that? Very simple! When these civilizations were taking control over other civilizations, against their Free Will and their way of life, it helped to create a deep anger, and frustration and all kind of energies that accumulated and became a universal force which was ready to explode at the right time. At the same time these civilizations became greedier, and wanted to control everything until things started to crack and fall apart. We have seen this throughout history and, as we know, history has a way of repeating itself because we never learn. While the pattern remains misunderstood, we will keep repeating it until we learn the intended lesson. I will go over, at a future date, the concept of a nine-year cycle for us as individuals, and how we can apply it to our society.

Money is power - power is control. In our universe there is an abundance of this. Once we learn to share this money, or power, we'll manage not to be afraid that someone will be taking something away from us. Then we will have peace. This kind of inner peace, and the cycle of life, will move us to higher ground. Until then there will be no peace in ourselves. Example: Take rich 'powerful' men. Forget what they can buy, the majority of them are NOT happy and they will always feel like there is something missing, or that cannot be bought with money. Why is this? Very simple, until that rich man learns and understands his wealth and is sharing it with his fellow man and not just giving it away for the sake of giving it (perhaps as a tax write off) that peace will never be found. It is all about sharing the knowledge on how to make it, and to never be afraid that by sharing it they would have anything taken away from them, because there is always an abundance of wealth in the universe. The minute they learn this, they will start to find fulfillment in their life. Consider this for a moment!

So what is Free Will in the first place?

Free Will is very simple. As human beings, it is the one thing that we hold as our ticket in life and that allows us to change the direction of our life when we choose to actually use it.
Free Will, in my view, is the way we perceive our life as well as the way we portray ourselves. When we always see ourselves as victims then there is no place for Free Will in our subconscious. When we see ourselves progress, we see that we have a choice to make a difference, and then we are using our Free Will. We might think that we have no opinion or have no choice in the matter because this is what our society has dictated to us. Many of these influences came upon us only in order to help control our views, and direct us to what they think might suit them, and not necessarily us.

Some of us do not believe in Free Will. That is alright with me because that is their choice and they have the Free Will to do so. I respect this. Believing in Free Will or not, you are still exercising it in your daily life whether you know it or not. Just simply by saying YES or No! How come? Your circumstances and direction in life are dependent on that YES or NO choice that you take and you will live according to that decision. It was your choice wasn't it?

In human terms as an example, it is like the Veto that they have in the United Nations, when countries vote on a resolution. Certain countries have the veto power to turn down a resolution. Now Free Will is given to us to use anytime we need to take a decision in life. Why? In life we are held responsible for all of our decisions, and should not feel guilty any time we use it. It is given to us from that "Great Energy Force" that created our universe, and space, and that allowed us to come here and experiment our growth and evolution in order to be enlightened and progress.

In the end, you can live happily or you can live miserably. Take your life in your own hands and make your own choices! Simplify instead of complicating life.

Joseph Ghabi
The Free Spirit Centre

Author's Bio: 

Joseph Ghabi's early career began rather 'technically' with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science in Computer Science. Always intrigued by spiritual phenomena, Joseph's spiritual life began rather early in life. At the age of eight he discovered his clairvoyance. Joseph is natural medium presently teaching meditation, numerology and healing. Since the development of his healing gift, Joseph has proceeded in active work in this area where he offers private consultation in areas of healing. He acquired extensive experience in the international market while traveling throughout 35 countries for business and pleasure. During this time he took the opportunity to study and learn about different religions and cultures, and this interest eventually led him to start his own company in consulting and developing international markets for Canadian companies He began to develop his knowledge of numerology into a healing process to better understand personal vibration, the experiences all of us pass through in our journey in life, and to effectively work within the stronger vibrations to enhance the weaker vibrations still under development. In February of this year Joseph opened The Free Spirit Centre Website a virtual centre which is focused on healing, personal & soul growth and human issues. the site is already a growing popularity having spread to over 70 countries worldwide. Joseph Ghabi has begun writing a series of articles on Numerology started in August issue of 'Voices for A New World'. 'A Cutting Edge Spiritual Development Magazine' .You can check their website at Joseph GhabiThe Free Spirit Centrejoseph@freespiritcentre.info