Whether you want to achieve short term goals or manifest life long dreams it all begins with the end in mind; knowing inside and out what results you want. The more clearly you are able to visualize what you want and get a sense physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally how it will feel to have this, the better chance you have of attaining it. It’s just like planning a vacation. First you need to decide what scenery, temperature, atmosphere, activities and so on. Then you can choose the location, time frame and mode of transportation. So it is with choosing what you want in your life. All it takes is spending a little bit of time using your imagination to envision what you want, what you are doing, how you feel and any other relevant components. From then on, each day you can ask yourself “what can I do today to move towards my goal?”. If your thoughts and actions support you in creating your dreams, great. If not, choose again.

The next step is to accept where you are in the present. You may not like where you are and you may feel as though you are a long ways away from your vision, but the energy spent denying your present reality can sap you of all the needed energy to move forward. Accepting present circumstances without judgement goes a long way to create the momentum required to achieve your goal.

If you find you are going over the same territory time and time again with no change, it may help to identify any blocks or resistance on your path. One way to do this is to draw the patterns you keep repeating in your life. This picture may look like a roller coaster ride, a spiral, or a limiting box. But once you have it on paper you can get a more objective view of the situation. It’s easier then to see what the triggers, motives and payoffs are for each stage of the pattern. Fear of being rejected may prevent you from meeting new people, speaking your truth or becoming more visible in some aspect of your life. An unconscious habit of negative thinking and self-criticism might be stopping you from taking the next steps in your career. The need for external approval may be causing you to say yes to others’ demands and no to your own desires.

Most people have the same underlying needs in life: acceptance, love, freedom, passion, security, joy, safety, fun. We each may pursue and attain these in different ways, but often they will underlie most of our behaviors. So if you’re pattern of worrying or hiding from new challenges in life is preventing you from going for your dreams, find a healthy way to satisfy the need for safety and security while pursuing the exciting unknown at the same time. Discovering ways to accept and love yourself while creating boundaries that give a sense of safety, yet at the same time provide flexibility to encompass vistas of unknown territory, will support you as you pursue your dreams.

We each have the power to create exactly what we want in our lives. It's up to us to own that power, discover what we want, move past obstacles and manifest our heart's desires.

Author's Bio: 

Gini Grey, founder of Celebrate YourSelf is a Transformational Coach empowering people to live from their center and create the life they want. Gini is the author of the book "From Chaos to Calm: How to Shift Unhealthy Stress Patterns and Create Your Ideal Balance in Life" and the audio CD "Create What You Want in Your Life". For more information, go to www.ginigrey.com