It had been a lean month and both Ron and I were worried about paying the bills. It's hard to run three companies with no bank loan! In fact, it was the first time we had actually lost money and been in the red. That usually didn't happen to us. To make matters worse, both our son's birthdays were coming up, Christmas was right around the corner, we owed money to some associates and company bills loomed.

What to do, what to do.

Trouble is the more you worry about these sorts of things, the bigger the problem gets. The worry actually pushes the solution farther and farther away from you and it becomes like a runaway train.

I was so upset by all this that I simply couldn't focus on anything. I couldn't even hear my inner voice for the answer like I usually did. The emotion of the problem just closed the door. So I asked a few very intuitive friends of mine and all said that everything would be ok, and to just hold on for a while longer. Great news certainly, but it didn't help the fact that the bills were still sitting on Ron's desk today.

That Saturday, Ron and I decided to just put the problem up onto God's shelf and let Him worry about it for a while. We then went to a place called "Adventure Landing" and played a little miniature golf with our boys as we both thought the beautiful sunshine and fun atmosphere would do us both good. After we got the clubs, we walked over to the first hole and I leaned on a wooden fence to watch my oldest son start the game off.

Then out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a very tiny spider on the top of the post. I marveled at how small it was and watched it dance around the top of the fence. Then the funniest thing happened. I began to sense that it was actually mad at me! Do spiders get mad at people? I have never really thought about it and had certainly never "felt" it before, but this one was actually mad at me!

Extraordinary!! I could sense it in every bone of my body. Needless to say I moved my arm from the post and instantly felt that the spider was relieved. Then it danced around a second more and lifted it's back-end up into the air. A stream of it's "web" came out and danced in the sunlight. Then the air lifted the spider off the post and it rose into the air!! It was just like that scene from Charlotte's Web when Charlotte's children all leave Wilbur. As I watched, I noticed a tree nearby and thought that perhaps the little guy would land there, but it instead rose higher and higher into the atmosphere. I watched it until my youngest son yelled at me to watch him putt.


Clearly this was a message from my friend God. I knew it immediately. God has this little habit of always being able to get my attention, and when He can't get me to listen, He sends His messages to me in other forms. This time He wanted to tell me to have faith in Him. All I had to do was trust Him and He would take me to great heights! Just like the spider trusted the wind to carry him safely to another place, God wanted me to do the same.

I carried the little spider's message in my mind for the rest of the day. It really was incredibly beautiful, especially coming from a creature that I have always hated. I HATE spiders! Somehow though, this was different. So I wished my little friend Godspeed and knew that he would land safely.

That evening, my husband and I sat in his office and chatted about some solutions to our dilemma. As I sat on his couch I happened to glance over at his bookcase and noticed two books were crooked. Then I looked at their titles.

The bottom book was titled "Divine Guidance".

The book right on top of it was called "Full Speed Ahead".

No need to hit me on the head with a cosmic two-by-four! I immediately got the message. Ron and I are being guided and will be fine. Message received!!! We'll solve the problem by trusting our intuition and changing our focus to one that knows we will be fine!!! We won't focus on what is hitting the fan and will instead focus on the future. We'll focus on prosperity and where we want to go!

Now here comes the good part of this story.


Choose to do it, and you will. Choose to change your life and you will. Choose to take off like the little spider did. Life is actually as simple or as difficult as we make it. Imagine that you are an artist facing a blank canvas. You can make the picture as simple or as complex as you like. You can choose the colors and the theme of the painting. Choose to make your painting simple, and it will be. Choose to make your painting difficult, and it will be. It's as simple as that.

Choose to move forward and watch your life transform!

This is the hope of a better way and even better things yet to come! It is time that you learned to completely trust your intuition. Run your life and your business from your heart, NOT from your head!!! Remove your doubts and inhibitions for a brief moment while you walk down this new road. You can always go back to them if you wish. There is a whole new world waiting for you, a world filled with light, love, and unlimited opportunities! Ready? Of course you are. You wouldn't be reading this article now if you weren't.

Here are the four things that I did... change, determination, focus and intuition.

1. CHANGE - You must be willing to Change! You know that person your family thinks you are? Is it the person you want to be? CHANGE! BE yourself! Don't be who THEY think you are! Be who YOU think you are!

2. DETERMINATION --- Never give up, no matter what.

3. FOCUS - Don't focus on the negative and what is hitting the fan... focus on the positive and your new life! Focus on where you are going, not where you are!

4. INTUITION --- Trust it! Run your life from your heart, NOT your head! Trust your instinct. You can call this anything you like... your inner voice, intuition, God... whatever you want. It's really just semantics. Learn to trust that voice. Listen to it. Talk to it. It will change your life.

You too can change your life and reach your dream because if you have faith you can do anything!
Just like the little spider did.

Copyright © 2006 by Katharine C. Giovanni

Author's Bio: 

Katharine Giovanni is an international Concierge Training Expert, Award Winning Author and consultant, Certified Concierge Specialist (CCS) and Speaker. She is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of ICLMA - The International Concierge and Lifestyle Management Association as well as President and co-founder of Triangle Concierge, Inc. Katharine can be reached via her website at