Successful results occur in our personal lives and in our careers when we are proactive in setting and achieving goals. When striving to accomplish a meaningful objective, the path is much clearer and easier to pursue when it is thoroughly considered and well constructed.

The person who has taken the time to learn the process of developing and implementing inspiring and ambitious goals is the one most likely to bask in the success of reaching their objective.

Goals establish purpose and the mindset for success. Powerfully written goals lift, motivate and expand our view of what is possible and accelerate meaningful and worthwhile objectives in our lives. With authentic and concrete tangible goals, backed by commitment and plans to achieve them, we are encouraged to keep moving forward even when we are discouraged or when things seem insurmountable.

A well-conceived goal and an enthusiastic attitude to match provide clarity for concentrating on both the mental and physical energy necessary to realize expectations. Without definitive goals, the best intentions are only randomly addressed --- which usually leads to "hit or miss" results. Setting worthwhile goals and taking action to accomplish them works!

When developing and implementing a goal:

• Define exactly what is to be accomplished.
• Understand why the goal is important.
• Believe the goal is important and that achieving it is deserved.
• Do NOT proceed with a goal that is vague or does not inspire action.
• Establish both short and long term goals.
• Prioritize multiple goals.
• Create a clear criteria to measure progress.
• Utilize the five senses to embed the goal in the subconscious mind.
• Find ways to repeatedly and frequently bring the goal to mind.
• Know that asking for help can be very supportive.
• Periodically revisit the written goal for possible updating.
• Work steadfast to achieve the goal and celebrate when it is accomplished.
• Set a new goal.

When setting a goal, reference this S.M.A.R.T. approach to keep on track:

S = Specific. The more specific your goal, the better. General or vague goals really don't work. Always nail down who, what, where, when, which, and why. Write down, verbalize, and concentrate on your goals.

M = Measurable. Set clear criteria for measuring progress toward the attainment of your goals. This is how you can determine your progress and when you have arrived.

A = Attainable. Set goals that you can reach when you set your mind to it. With each subsequent goal, stretch yourself even further to reach greater achievements. And, with each success you will believe in bigger accomplishments.

R= Realistic. If you truly believe that you can accomplish a goal, then it is most likely realistic. The goal must represent an objective that you are both willing and able to work toward. Although realistic, aim high and stretch.

T = Tangible. Think taste, touch, smell, sight, and sound. When your senses are used, the goal becomes real to the subconscious mind. Attach tangible ways to reach your intangible goals (personal and behavioral changes).

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