She was widowed, lost and penniless. Logic told her to stay with family and traditional beliefs and rituals. But, somehow, deep in her heart, she knew that she had to make a choice, and that was to go forward into as yet unfamiliar territory.

Ruth had learned from her mother-in-law about God and all the miracles He had done. The stories had touched her deeply and now she had to make a decision. She could stay home with her family and customs or go in pursuit of the God of miracles.

Her sister-in-law, who had also heard the Word, had listened to earthly wisdom and made the decision to stay in her familiar surroundings. God never uses force or any kind of manipulation to make you follow Him. He allows His Love to draw you through His Word.

Ruth's mother-in-law, Naomi, had left the protective covering of the God of Provision at a time of famine when the family moved to a foreign country. They trusted in natural provision rather than faith in God as their Provider.

The family had remained away from their homeland long after the famine was gone. It took the death of her husband and two sons before Naomi finally, now completely desperate, turned back to God. No, she had not forgotten Him. In fact, she had shared about His Goodness with her family to the point where they wanted to know more about Him!

Yet, Naomi had been out of the Will of God and His protective covering. When tragedy struck, leaving her totally destitute, she physically made a definitive move. Emotionally and spiritually she knew that she was far from God. But she now realized that she also was not in the physical place where He wanted her to be. She had to go where He was leading her.

What's the situation in your life that has pushed your back right up against the wall? Sometimes tragedy can become the very force to cause you to either turn or return to God. Are you facing a moment of decision?

Maybe you have heard the Word of God from a friend at a bar, a cheating co-worker, or a televangelist who has fallen from grace? You may have allowed the conduct of the person to keep you from pursuing that small still Voice. Yet, there was something that kept drawing you to want to hear more. There was something about that Word!

Beloved, it's only the Word of God that can draw you! It's the soft, gentle wooing of the Holy Spirit, and He will use anyone who is willing to share His Word. Do not look on the imperfections of man. Only God is the Judge, and He looks at the heart!

If Ruth's husband had not died, Naomi might have stayed where she was, no doubt having found support and nourishment in her son's home. When God is in charge, He can make you the catalyst to bring about a mighty change in the lives of others.

Follow the urging of your heart! Go to a Bible believing Spirit filled church where the uncompromised Word of God is preached without restrictions of ritual, age old custom and man-made covering.

Following God entails physical movement and determination on your part. Ruth followed her mother-in-law to the land of the God she had heard about. She had determined in her heart that she wanted that god to be her God as well. She went despite many arguments against it. It would have been so easy to have stayed, but she chose to stand firm on her convictions.

Salvation means taking a decision, making a verbal declaration, and submitting under His covering in a prayerful, supportive fellowship of believers. It's not enough to hear the Word, believe in God, and pray to Him. Ruth could have done that, except that she did not know Him personally.

God has no grandchildren! You cannot rely in your parents' religion and faith to bring you to God and salvation. You personally have to take the steps to make Him Lord of your life. Only then will you be safe under His covering of Love.

Ruth heard the Word, felt the Love, and went on a journey which ultimately produced heavenly Fruit! (Ruth 1)

God "maketh a way in the sea, and a path in the mighty waters." (Isa. 43: 16)

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