No matter what your life may currently look or feel like going deeper inside yourself can move you into an expanded level of awareness and abundance; therefore, you have a good chance of creating what you want and would love your life to be like, NOW. Because in truth, now is all you have. You can vision what you would love your future to look like, yet, if that vision conflicts with your subconscious beliefs, your thoughts, words and actions will follow-suite to those inner phantoms. Inner phantoms that are the subconscious beliefs you tucked away and which became unconscious motivators to life choices. Phantoms that make up the false impressions that form the lies that you tell yourself on a daily basic to cover up or sweep under the carpet unresolved anger/fear/pain. Guess what will win over the vision you have for your life, the phantom lies. How do you know if you are lying to yourself –lies do not get you what you vision for your life through ease, grace or ongoing abundance. Being unconditionally responsible for what is your current reality and what you, want will.

Lies are defenses, mechanical thoughts created into words and actions to defend what you have separated within yourself. Separation creates additional fears; fears accompany frustrations because in separation confusion must follow. Confusion over what you “think” verses what is real and true in your subconscious. When you quest for the truth within you, unconditionally, your intuitive knowing begins to birth and guide you. If you use “thinking” that has been misguided through any level of anger / fear, your life remains in different levels of stress, conflict, and lack. Thinking is a fixed element. Your intuitive knowing is never fixed it flows with life situations as it is of the moment. In truth, it is your intuitive knowing that is the real guide of your life, not thinking. Thinking comes after you know. Thinking is often intermixed with defenses to bury pain, false impressions, misunderstood perceptions, all formed over time as a way to keep you from the unconditional responsibility that you are the creator of your reality. Now in defense of lies and liars, no one really means to lie. Moreover, not only does no one means to—most do not even know they are doing it. This occurs because of the state of unconsciousness most choose to live in. A state of not being aware of what is motivating the “lies” to others and yourself keeps you form the unconditional responsibility of creating the life of your dreams, easily, abundantly, fulfilled in the freedom of living you and sharing the unique gift you came to give the world.

You may not want to hear that, yet, if you are not living the life you love, giving and receiving in a way that completely fulfills you, then it is true. Some may want to admit that, yet it is what it is. If you do not have a life of your dreams, fulfilled, or free in the life you are creating, you are deceiving, yourself.

By simply acknowledging this, now you can do something about it.
Denial keeps you in the same old, same old. You stay unconscious and in denial to remain attached or addicted to what is your higher priority, (conscious of this or not,) over living what you say, you want.

You may want to deny anything bad, hurtful, or simply unfulfilling that happens to you, and place the fault on anyone or anything else—if you do this—you are in denial about the lies you tell yourself.

Any lies you tell yourself repeatedly creates its own life, and becomes automatic in your behavior; therefore, you make choices that kept you from having what you want. The ability of the human mind and the depth it can go to deceive itself is utterly amazing.

Now that you know that, what do you want to do? Continue with the same old, same old, or become aware of what you are receiving from those lies so you can make a “conscious” choice to hit the delete button and move in to what you dream your life “could be like” and make it a “reality” not just something you dream.

Remember reality from an unconscious “lying” state is very subjective and is operating mostly from perceptions and illusions. Reality from an aware state is all you would love your life to be.

So, what do you do about all this?

Here’s a “really big” suggestion, FIRST be honest with yourself on what you need, want and desire. Needs are basic requirements, food, water, shelter, wants are the form and color they come in that supports you on a body level, desires is what allows your heart and soul to sing.

Do you need professional help? Do you have issues with overly obsessive disorders, out of control behavior that fuels anger, neurosis, addictions either chemical or in disrupting harmful (less that supportive) relationships or anything else so out-of-balance you require a physician to help you return to the world? Then you really need to seek professional help from a trained physician or therapist.

If you do not feel you fall in those categories, try the various ways available on this web site that were uniquely and with purposeful intention developed to ground advanced spiritual wisdom to support yourself in having your needs, wants, and desires met. The different options will support you in different ways; find the one that works for you. At the least, it will provide a level of awareness of yourself so you can begin to recognize the “unconscious” lies that keep you from having the life you love, more easily.
The best to you and yours for,
Healthy living,

Author's Bio: 

Veronique is an expert at the subtle communications we have with ourselves that indicate if we are drawing to us or pushing away from us what it is we want in our lives. Through showing us how to use our love as the source to all wealth, she is able to assist people in manifesting what they want in their lives much sooner rather than later.