Aromatherapy is more than just bath salts and lotions and feel-good rituals. Sure they are great for that and indeed the earliest uses of oils included spiritual rituals- some churches still use frankincense in services - and the frankincense oil was one of the most powerful medicines of the time - which is why it was a gift for kings.

When you use a therapeutic grade essential oil even for these bath type rituals, you can be certain there is more going on than meets the nose. The essential oils are the life blood of the plant. They move nutrients into the plants cells and move metabolic waste products out of the cells. They can do similar function within our human system, increasing levels of oxygen and helping to loosen toxins that may be stuck in our receptor sites. Additionally, many have antimicrobial properties and many stimulate the hypothalamus.

Aromatherapy oils used in an intensive manner (i.e., on topically and internally) should be organic and carefully distilled without the addition of pressure in the distillation process because this can damage the fragile constituents and make the oil less therapeutic. Most distillers add pressure to shorten the time it takes to distill all the liquid from the plant-matter. This added pressure speeds production time but damages many of the most beneficial constituents. One American company, recently featured on the Martha Stewart show featuring Donna Karan’s Urban Zen project, distills in this slow, conservative manner so that you can be sure of the quality you are getting.

The study of aromatic oils reveals that the various constituents provide the molecular basis for many modern medicines. Starting with Joseph Lister 130 years ago, certain constituents of eucalyptus, thyme, peppermint and wintergreen were isolated commercially and used in oral antiseptic and hospital cleaner – with these, hospital death of amputees dropped from 50% to 3%. The patented medicine model requires the isolation of a constituent and the re-creation of a similar molecule in a laboratory setting (did anyone see “Medicine Man” with Sean Connery?). These tinker toy molecules can then be patented; so that they provide the income generating basis for the multi-billion dollar drug industry. A plant molecule cannot be patented. Those knowledgeable about the chemical structures and constituents of oils feel that by isolating a constituent and using only that molecule, the benefits of naturally occurring balancing constituents within the whole plant oil is lost and the new drug becomes prone to extremes (think about the blood thinning Coumadin which is based on only one of the natural aromatic haemostatic coumarins in grassy leafy plants.) This concentration of a single constituent is part of the reason that dosage of drugs is very critical, there are more reasons but that is also another story.

Studies have shown that oils still used in dentistry today are among the top killers of super resistant bacteria. Yes, clove oil, used for ages as an oral antiseptic, is a very strong anti-microbial. There are others with strong bug-a-boo killing properties like Oregano, Cinnamon, Thyme, Eucalyptus, the Melaleuca family and others. Research on structures with mold infestations shows that these same oils are more effective than industrial chemical remediation methods in eliminating the spread of mold and mold spores. (Email me with your mailing address and I will send you a brochure containing much of the research.) As with everything, different varieties of oils will have different anti-microbial properties and sometimes blending several oils can give the most powerful impact. Thieves is one of these blends available at the link above.

Degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes---note that these are our major killing diseases, are only now being found to have causes related to bacteria and viral infections. The basic ways to deal with such invaders are:
1) By boosting the immune system through proper and adequate nutrition so that the invaders cannot get a good foothold. This starts with a healthy digestive system and assuring that the nervous system is communicating smoothly (I believe in chiropractic and if necessary, acupuncture to accomplish this. I’ll write more on that later.)
2) Through methods of killing or repelling the culprit invader without causing the dangerous side effects of drugs. One of these methods is with antimicrobial therapeutic quality organically grown essential oils. (Note- Drugs must be eliminated through the liver and thus can overtax it, interfering with important hormonal activity as well as the detoxification work of the liver. This is part of the reason for the cascade of side effects from drugs.)

3) At all times, water is essential to health. You have been told this before. For each 2 pounds of body weight, you should be drinking an ounce of water- NOT soda, coffee, tea, or alcohol- pure plain water! And if you are sick, exercising, or it is extra hot, dry, or overly cold, you need to drink more. For more on this, you can visit

Of course, if you are already taking a number of drugs, it is best to discuss with your doctor the intensive use of very strong oils and this is not intended to be any sort of diagnosis or recommended treatment. Each person is created differently and each has different stimuli or inputs that create their current level of health. Results will obviously vary somewhat and each will require slightly different levels of nutrients and each will find their favorite oils for dealing with various issues.

The important things to note from this article are:

1.) The oils you use on or in your body should be pesticide free, carefully distilled and therapeutic quality. Look for such oils at .

2.) Your health is dependant on having the right nutrition to fulfill all the molecular requirements of a very complex set of metabolic processes that keep you alive. can help you take the guesswork out of choosing supplements.

3.) Water is needed to flush out the waste products from your body’s metabolism and the other toxins and drugs we ingest. (Daily 1 oz per 2 lbs weight; extra for illness or exertion.)

Author's Bio: 

Teena has been an intensive user of essential oils for about 10 or 12 years now. These have played an important role in her ability to eliminate prescription drugs that she was taking for a number of issues from allergies and asthma to depression. The time is now to share experiences and resource with others who want to find thier true health.