Every year, millions of people endure the pain of going on a diet in the pursuit of getting a more fit, healthier body. While weight loss in and of itself is worth pursuing, the emphasis is too often wrongly placed on loss of pounds rather than healthy living.

In order to lose weight successfully, the focus needs to start with the understanding of healthy living. Healthy living is not something that is not here one day and starts the next. A plan of action should be implemented that incorporates one easy healthy action at a time, thereby building healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Good nutrition is one facet of weight loss, and studies seem to suggest that making a transition to better nutrition is more likely to provide the results that a dieter seeks, than counting calories and adhering to a specific diet plan.

One commonality with almost every dieter is the lack of proper nutrition in their diet. Notably, fruits and vegetables are the number one source of nutrients that should be in every diet that is lacking. While vitamin supplements are relied upon as a source of nutrition, they fall short of the gamut of needs the body has from the whole food.

There are some products that have attempted to extract the juice from fruits and vegetables, plus encapsulate those nutrients for easier consumption and many show great promise for providing a bridge from what the dieter now gets and what they need. The one I recommend that is supported by a plethora of clinical research is Juice Plus+.

Ultimately, moving from one diet - that is, what foods and drinks are being consumed - to a healthier diet, one with adequate water, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein sources, and moving at a pace that does not overwhelm the dieter with too many changes or difficult meal preparations, allows the best opportunity for reaching a weight loss goal.

Most importantly is the change that is brought about for building a healthy lifestyle, one where healthy habits are lived with each day and become an inherent part of daily living. And weight loss becomes a by-product of those healthy habits, not the focus of your efforts.

If you have weight to lose, focus on building healthy habits one step at a time. Start by getting more nutrients from fruits and vegetables into your diet and take Juice Plus+ Fruit and Vegetable Blends each day. Available in a capsule form or a soft chewable. You can even get a Vineyard Blend that contains nutriens from 9 different grapes and berries.

Just start by making one simple change to better your health and your life, today. Make it a habit, and in a week or two add another healthy change. You'll be feeling awesome before your next birthday!

In health,
Dr. Patrick Havey
The Health & Wellness Institute, PC
Official Juice Plus+ Independent Distributor

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Dr. Havey is founder of The Health & Wellness Institute, PC whose mission is to help others improve their health through lifestyle changes. The Health & Wellness Institute, PC has been operating since 1995.