We are about to celebrate US Thanksgiving -- a holiday that celebrates and appreciates abundance -- which means something different to every person. You probably don't bring in a harvest from the fields, but we all reap a harvest every year, based on what we did in earlier years.

When clients change their lives or careers, they often struggle with the notion of abundance. It's hard to feel abundant when you watch your savings dwindle or you realize that a former routine purchase has now become a luxury.

I find myself frustrated with well-meaning career advisors who tell clients, "Maybe you don't need so much money." It is true that people who move to satisfying careers or magnificent destinations often find they spend less money -- but some spend more!

I believe that we each have our own symbols of abundance and our own prosperity levels. Some clients move happily from a palace to a hut and never look back. Others feel deprived when their income falls below $300,000 or their checking account below five figures.

Try this exercise over the next few weeks. Pay attention to times, places and possessions that create a feeling of abundance for you. Here are some examples -- some from my experience, and some that others have shared:
"Walking the dog on a frosty morning, feeling nice and toasty in a sweater, hat and gloves"
"Walking the dog on the beach, wearing shorts and a tee in November"
"Realizing we don't have to leave the house all weekend"
"Sightseeing in London with a leisurely break for tea"
"Admiring the freezer stocked with enough food for a month, in case we're snowed in"
"Brunch in a restaurant with a view"
"The latest best-selling novel, waiting in the living room"
"Tickets to a show"
"Signing the documents to buy a house"
"Renting a wonderful apartment, convenient to everything"
"Buying a new car"
"Living without a car"

What makes you feel abundant? That's what counts! Your own symbols of abundance will hold a key to your core values and, ultimately, to your goals and dreams.

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