When a basketball team is down by 20 points with 30 seconds to go, giving up is not an option. Spectators start leaving and reserve players take the floor, but the game goes on.

When you're playing a business game, you blow your own whistle. Here are some ways to check the score.

1. How did you get started? Are you living your own dream or someone else's?

2. Does a little voice in your head keep whispering, "Maybe you should be doing X instead?"

3. Does your new idea refuse to go away? Or, if you try to leave, do you find yourself getting caught up in a new project or unexpected reward?

One city's "Entrepreneur of the Year" told a group, "I hated my business but nobody would buy me out. To find a buyer, I developed a new strategy. Along the way I found success ."

4. What is the universe telling you?

Are you getting customers?

Is your progress considerably faster or slower than your peers and competitors?

Has anything clicked into place for you, seemingly without effort?

5. What is your own historical trend? Do you tend to give up too easily or hang on too long?

6. Are you still having fun?

Loss of enthusiasm can be temporary, especially if you're fatigued or recovering from a major setback. But long-term discouragement can signal a need for change.

7. Must your decision be either-or? Can you continue a business part-time with a manager? Can you look for a new job but also start a business? Often someone outside the situation -- consultant, coach, friend from another industry -- can provide the insight that clarifies your choice.

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