Speed Reading: Got Belief?

If you are like me, you are not 100% sure whether the sun rises in the east or the west? I am weak in science and math, and have no intention of improving. Why? Because I am strong in law, clear headed analysis, and business acumen.

Recently I saw a commercial by Exxon about searching for oil. The narrator said, Electromagnetic waves cannot be seen nor felt, but Exxon has new technology that uses these underground waves to discover oil pockets for gasoline.

So I Googled Electromagnetic waves and discovered some relevant facts that Inquiring Minds have to know.

Get this: it turns out these EM waves are one of the four basic forces of nature.
You got Gravity, Strong Nuclear (interaction), Weak Nuclear, and Electromagnetic
waves. Wait – each wave is measured by its frequency, and tracks at the Speed of Light, (186 thousand miles per second or something).

Al Einstein used C in E=MC2. C2 is the speed of light squared, whatever the hell that means. Then I found out the parts of the EM waves. It starts with electric energy, radio and tv waves, microwaves for my defrosting, infrared, light itself,
ultraviolet, x-rays and gamma waves. Kinda useful, right?

So now I know Electromagnetic waves produce light itself, tv, and microwaves.
According to Exxon, humans cannot touch or see with the naked eye EM waves,
right? So does it take belief in the unknown to use EM properties?

Mudras And Chakras

This leads me to something else that produces effects, but is not seen or touchable.
For up to three thousand years, the Chinese, Hindu Indians, et al. believe in Mudras
and Chakras without scientific evidence. They argue they move energy through Nadis (energy channels) up the arms.

So I Google: Mudras, and find they are gestures or positions of the hands. These folks claim these ridiculous movements guide the energy flow and reflexes to the brain. Buddha used them, but scientists cannot find them.

Then I Google: Chakras, which is Sanskrit for Circle or Energy. They got this one organized like an army regiment: there are seven of them lining our Spinal Column,
and they activate the human nervous systems.

Now I know something understood by less than the Vital Few (20%), and never by the Trivial Many (80%). If you have an Inquiring Mind, you want to remember this.

Our consciousness – left-hemisphere – and ego-mind can process no more than
100 bits of information per second (Hz). Hold that number 100 bits.

So what

Your non-conscious mind, right-hemisphere, brainstem, basal ganglia, and nervous
system (Central, Autonomic, Peripheral, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic) can
process 11 million bits of information per second (Hz). Got that? 11 million.

The Mudras and Chakras are activated by our Non-Consciousness, with its 11 million (bandwidth) bits of info per second. Eleven million verses one hundred?

Throwaway Bits of Info

Human bananas with 3 pound coconuts exist within the 49th octave of Vibration of the Electromagnetic light spectrum. More – our brainwaves are measured by an
EEG (Electroencephalogram), discovered by Dr. Hans Berger (Remember McDonald’s hamburger) who named our brainwaves, Beta-Alpha-Theta-Delta.

Google: Hans Berger and the brain.

What Good is All That

You can train yourself to intervene in the events of your life and change your
options. No good? How about changing your mood, state-of-mind, or expectations?
I got three (3) we used to test with one thousand Inquiring Minds.

1. Bear-Grip: this Mudra can activate your attention; improve your concentration up to 75%, learning, and long-term memory. It requires 30 seconds of exercise prior to learning and study.

It is baby easy. Cup both hands and grab the fingers of your right
hand with the fingers of your left hand, and pull for half-a-minute.
It the 20th century it is called Isometics – equal measure.

2. Peaking: place both hands together as in prayer. Now open and close
the touching fingers like a pocketbook for 30 seconds.
Remember you use #1, #2 or #3, not all together. Each reduces test stress, and activated calm and relaxation. Hans Selye called it Eustress, positive excitement.

3. Knowledge: You grab your right index-finger with the five-fingers
of your left hand and spend 30 seconds to squeeze. This Mudra allegedly carries energy and momentum to your brain for knowledge acquisition. It works for me.

Americans hate rituals, it is too controlling and makes them feel subservient to the
will of others. Is drinking your coffee every morning in the same place, with the same ingredients a ritual?

Rituals are something we do voluntarily or to offer our allegiance, and are often part of our social bonding. We fight the idea of rituals, rites, and ceremonies, yet they permeate our waking hours.

Shaking hands, greeting folks with, Good Morning and a smile, Xmas tree decorations, and the singing of the Star Spangled Banner are rituals. Compulsive,
Obsessive Disorders are rituals gone haywire.

The Point

You have the option to choose which rituals to inhibit or excite. We are fools to believe unsubstantiated statistics because the better they sound, the higher the odds
they are lies.

We have hearsay information from one thousand students using one of the three Mudras (Bear-Grip, Peaking, or Knowledge). They suggest it is transformative in producing the positive results they desired. Are we suggesting magick? Naw, but there may be some benefit in voluntarily activating your nervous system in a ritualistic way.

We suggest you do a Mind Experiment, and then decide for yourself. Inquiring Minds will test and judge, not be judgmental and not test.


If you are interested in increasing your longevity up to ten years, while avoiding the
risk of Alz and other forms of dementia, use your brain as a lifelong learner.

Would reading and remembering three (3) books, articles, and reports in the time it
takes your competitors to finish only one, improve your career? Ask us how.

See ya,

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