Speed Reading: Got Exercise?

Mae West, the sexual innuendo bombshell of 1930-1949 said three things you should remember,

“I used to be – Snow-White, but I drifted.” (Me too.)

“Too much of a good thing – is just wonderful.” (More money, please.)

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” (Even a train stops.)

What has all this to do with exercise?

Mae West lived and acted on stage until age 86. She attributed her health
to daily enemas (forget that) and isometric exercises.

Would you spend five minutes daily to look twenty years younger, when you are
in your sixties? How about adding up to ten years to your longevity?


Iso means the same, and metrics – to measure in Latin. It was used in Yoga training
a couple of thousand years ago, and still works like a charm. But first some facts:

Two types: Overcoming Isometrics is pushing against an immovable object like a wall. Then you have Yielding Isometrics, which is static movement when opposed by resistance. Huh? Pushing against your own muscles.

We have four examples which can seriously improve your health and
longevity if you are willing to invest five minutes daily.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know: how does it really work?

Google: muscle length and joint angle change/ or do not change (Overcoming or Yielding) during muscle contraction. Forget that and just do it mechanically.

Bear Grip

Sit at your office desk and shake hands with yourself by having your left hand grab
the fingers of your right hand. The movement is pulling with the left-hand fingers
against the resistance of the fingers of your right hand. Elbows out at shoulder level
and pull with equal strength so there is no winner. Make a cup of each hand, reverse
your left hand and grab the fingers of your right hand, got it?

Rules: There are four sets, and each takes ten seconds to hold, and five seconds of
relaxation. Do not hold your breath. Deep diaphragmatic breathing is the secret to
healthy lungs and cardiac muscles.
Repetition is the mother of memory and healthy exercise. One: take a deep breath and do the first Bear Grip set for 10 seconds. Exhale and relax for 5 seconds.
Do it again three-more times. Pull like you mean it, and you will gain the benefits
of improving your immune system, while oxygenating your brain cells. Start now.

Palm Press

This one exercises your chest, arms and shoulders. Some experts say it increases
the numbers of Alveoli (for gas exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide) in your lungs. Can you Forget the follow sentence? You have 480 million alveoli in your lungs. How many? Oh.

Place you hands together as if in prayer (we call it Peaking) and spend a couple of
minutes pushing as hard as you can. Iso means the same or equal (strength), so
don’t permit righty to win over lefty.

How Long

Keep deep breathing while doing the Palm Press. Press for ten seconds. Stop and relax for five seconds, and do four sets. You will feel heat in your upper arms, shoulders and chest indicating energy expenditure and in time, muscle growth.

If you do it for 21 consecutive days for five minutes each, you improve your respiration capacity up to 29%. More oxygen capacity, and the greater your brain
skills of long-term memory, concentration, attention, and speed reading.

How much?

Did you know your three pound coconut required 22% of all the oxygen your
body consumes? Aha. When you are learning something new, you need an extra
10% oxygen for cognition, a total of 32%. Oxygen is the good tenant, carbon dioxide
must be evicted.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Folks who are on the computer over four hours daily typing and messaging are
prone to suffer Dry Eye and shooting pains and stiffness in their muscles, joints and
tendons. Why carps (fresh water fish of the family Cyprinidae) want to live in tunnels is beyond my ken.

Squeeze your fists into balls, and raise them shoulder level. Punch your left fish
against the right for ten seconds while sucking up your stomach. Remember four
sets of ten seconds each, and relax for five seconds. Keep deep breathing to help
your 480 million Alveoli reproduce.

Do the Carpal Tunnel dance for 21 days, and you are building a firewall around your arms, hands and fingers. Why wait for inflammation to set in, start now.

Last Super Isometric Exercise

Crisscross (The Pretzel)

Crisscross your arms in front of your chest at shoulder level. Take a deep diaphragmatic breath and make your arms as rigid as rigamortis (muscle stiffening
after death). Do four sets of ten seconds each, with a 5 second relaxation pause between sets. Exhale after each ten second set, and start again. It works like crazy.

Mae West Also Said

“She the kind of girl who climbed the ladder of success, wrong by wrong.”

“One and one is two, and two and two is four. And five will get you ten, if
you know how to work it.”

“I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three-times to make sure.”


Would it improve your career to read and remember three books, articles and
reports in the time your competitors can hardly finish one? Ask us how to learn this
permanent skill. If not for you, your progeny would surely benefit, huh?

See ya, Speed Reading

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